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31 Tips on how to defend your research paper

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Apr 22, 2011.

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    Here is a checklist of common questions and reminders in defending your research paper.
    Adopted from Cebu Doctors' University College of Medicine.

    1. What are your Inclusion and Exclusion criteria?

    2. Include only what's in your objective

    3. Explain how you selected your samples/respondents

    4. What is your sampling method?

    5. Calculation for sample size determination

    6. If there are disproportions in your demographic data, why?
    - For example, why are there more females or males in your study? etc.

    7. Limitations encountered in your study

    8. What are the Dependent and Independent variables. Their categories? roles?

    9. Are there any factors affecting your results?

    10. Be familiar with the pages of your research paper
    - especially the Results page

    11. What is the role of the Demographic Profile in your study? Their importance?

    12. What will you do with the information/results you've gathered?

    13. What is the main reason why you conduct this study?

    14. Why did you choose these respondents?

    15. What are your recommendations for future researchers?

    16. Make sure you are able to correlate your results with your objectives and Review of Related Literature

    17. Know the terms used in your study and make sure you can define them

    18. How did you come to your conclusion?

    19. How were you able to track/find your respondents? Any adjustments?

    20. If you are doing correlation, why do you want to correlate?

    21. If you are utilizing a research questionnaire, how did you score them?

    22. When did you conduct your study? Duration?

    23. Do you think your study is credible with your presented results? Explain

    24. How did you measure your variables?

    25. What are your Categorical and Numerical Data?

    26. Why did you choose "place" as your locale?

    27. What did you do to minimize or combat the limitations in your study?

    28. What are the objectives of your study?

    29. Did you have a Pre-testing? Who are the subjects? What was the result? What were the changes?

    30. What scaling did you use for your study?

    31. What was your analysis with your variables?

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