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4 Reasons Why Medical Students Regret Studying Medicine

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Reham Zenhom, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Being a doctor has many privileges as we mentioned in the previous article, it’s such a passionate job that in order to succeed in it you have to love helping people and the fact that you are saving and rescuing lives, in addition you have to love biology and have curiosity and passion about studying human body. Then why sometimes medical students actually regret becoming doctors and consider the question” is a medicine degree worth it?”

    1- Feels Like The Longest Path:

    It’s such an endless road, you have to be an “A” student, you need a high yearly grade points average, and you have to do really well in science classes. Also take many extra curricular activities and volunteer work. All of that in order to get into medical school, then spending around 4 years at college, at some countries you have to spend more than 4 years. Then around 3-7 years being a resident under training according to your specialty. You don’t get to learn everything at medical schools, you need years of training and reading to gain the experience and knowledge required to become a successful doctor. So the road might look long and endless to some students that they might want to quit.

    2- long, Stressful Working Days:

    After spending most of your youth studying you find yourself trapped inside, endless, inhuman and huge amount of work with unstable working hours that varies dramatically according to your specialty and the place you work in. sometimes you work under very stressful conditions and you face too many times that are stressful and hard, especially when you work at the E.R. and sometimes doctors and the medical team get attacked by patients or their families, some medical students suffer severe anxiety training under that amount of stress.

    3- Money And Salary:

    You might think that If you become a doctor you will have a fixed job with a high salary that will compensate the fortune you spent on studying medicine as medicine study is such an expensive study. Though the reality is not all specialties are paid the same, some specialties are more popular and earn more money than the other ones as for example; cosmetic surgery and dermatology. But you have to choose your specialty according to your passion not according to how much money you are going to earn. Working hours, countries and facilities you are working in are crucial factors that determine your salary. When you wake up from that illusion of getting rich as fast as you become a doctor you might regret your dream and your choice.

    4- Struggle At Education:

    Some students even though they are all known for being smart but they struggle with the hard study. As you might do your best but you still find yourself just an average student, as med. Schools gather the most intelligent students in addition to the huge amount of information they have to memorize, the highly frequent number of exams and tests, the long time spent on studying that you lose your life and you feel like you are lost inside a maze and you find that medicine study is your first experience in struggling at education.

    So you think you have what it takes in order to complete your pursuit of the dream of becoming a doctor?


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