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40 Reasons To Eat Orange

Discussion in 'Biochemistry' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jan 4, 2013.

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    1 - filter the blood and kill the worm syrup and wholesome.
    2 - Orange juice removes fever, kill it and help to fall in temperature caused by fever.
    3 - Expels phlegm and useful to clean the pharynx and larynx.
    4 - Diuretic and detergent for college and the bladder.
    5 - Laxative and removes waste of the stomach and intestines and cleans.
    6 - Orange helps to heal wounds and to cure skin diseases and is useful for high blood pressure.
    7 - Strengthens the stomach and strengthens the teeth and removes some of the diseases of the gums in the mouth and heartbreaking items in the gravel and sand expelled from the body.
    8 - Orange juice and tonic and appetizer, especially for those who complain of anemia
    9 - Strengthens the nerves, heart, hypnotic and calming and relaxing for the brain.
    10 - Orange strengthens bones and nails, hair and teeth and reduces the percentage of fat (cholesterol).
    11 - Regulating the process of the human respiratory tract.
    12 - An anti-cough and influenza.13 - Orange helps to expel gas.
    14 - Orange regulating the work of muscles and veins.
    15 - Against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV smooth and some venereal diseases.
    16 - Is useful for skin diseases and scabies.
    17 - Useful for tumors of the uterus, ovaries, and urinary tract and prostate.
    18 - Useful for cases of vomiting
    19 - Orange useful for tumors, arthritis, gout, Alrmatesm and hardening of the arteries.
    20 - Helps to remove the effects of poisoning as a result of the use of chemical medicines.
    21 - Strengthen the nervous system and digestive system and is useful in the treatment of tumors of the seat and hemorrhoids.
    22 - prevent a lot of cancers.
    23 - orange juice and useful for diseases of typhoid.
    24 - is useful for people with colds and the flu.
    25 - Agent Orange is useful to eliminate some of the candidates to the reproductive system in women syrup and useful and compensates for the mother's milk.
    26 - a useful and beneficial, and perfumed with the Authority.
    27 - orange good drug and is useful to remove the gums and mouth sores.
    28 - benefit the use of orange peel over the coal burning in Almnaql covering the smell of orange peel smell of pure coal.
    29 - In 1930, Dr. (Maranon) in Spain split vitamins ubiquitous orange and I consider them useful for diabetics as well as thought (Dr. Crane's father) The orange juice is useful for the treatment of diabetic patients, Dr. (Scheuer brooch) Spanish is the orange syrup and very useful for many diseases.
    30 - in orange are many benefits even in the outer crust and fat and seeds (nuclei) that are not extravagant in eating (run-off return anything) (eat and drink waste not by excess).
    31 - After washing and orange peel (dried), so that can be milled in the mill electrical Kalboudr a good benefit for use with milk or when making work and Custard (Alcastr) or the work of sweets, cakes and Kmatr substitute for vanilla, a benefit for the stomach gas ... And has a good flavor and a natural fragrance and color.
    32 - According to the large French flag (Ms. Rando Osé) President of the Foundation Food Hygiene to the presence of acid and a natural chemical in the orange juice is very useful for the body and provide heat and provide vitality and activity to it.
    33 - of fruits useful for adults and young people and children especially in the winter and is useful for indigestion, and stated in the books (old) that China is the origin of the fruit orange?!
    34 - Wrote a Chinese year AD 1178 there are 27 types of oranges, some without seeds (nuclei).
    35 - Considered the Chinese symbol of happiness and orange Persians said that it is better tree worthy of paradise in the Hereafter.
    36 - Last used nowadays many orange flowers (Tinderbox) and Tigana fragrances for brides.
    37 - That the characteristics and benefits of orange fruit and the many benefits in the treatment and cure of up to a degree which makes us say that a crate (carton) orange in the house even more than the equivalent natural pharmacy in the treatment of diseases and instrumental in healing.
    38 - Advised mothers of young children for the safety of their health and time feeding their children an orange or a cup of orange juice instead of chocolate or some sweets harmful.
    39 - The wondrous and mentioned that on the island of Fernandobo Africa there is an orange-sized equivalent to the size ofWe have found orange five times or more a sweet taste and a lot of water.
    40 - sweet mix orange juice with a little honey is very beneficial and useful as food for small and equivalent to breast milk



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  2. dofus kamas

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    American Samoa
    Thank you,it is very good.

  3. ankitsrivastav

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    Thanks for sharing the information about benefits of eating orange. It's very useful

  4. Raycins

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    United States
    Well great research for the body therefore it is better for me to follow and to use with continuously for the good health and body fitness very energetic this one for all.

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