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5 Misconceptions About Doctors

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 1, 2017.

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    1. Doctors have a nice lifestyle with alot of $$$$ – Absolutely not true most of doctors have a very stressful lifestyle with emergency calls at any time, we sleep and set an alarm but we know 70% someone will call us before this alarm, concerning money most of young doctors really suffer from loans, study books, medical school....etc. and they need at least 10-20 years to start earn from medicine.

    2. All doctors are healthy – Another common misconception about doctors is that doctors are healthy but doctors are as human as the rest of us and may experience serious disease like cancer or mental health issues. Diseases don’t discriminate and while doctors are obviously very aware of the risks of such issues like smoking and substance abuse, they are as susceptible to addiction and other health problems as the rest of the general population.

    3. Doctors are responsible for their patient’s health – A doctor can diagnose, prescribe medication and refer patients to specialists where necessary but it’s up to the patient to follow through with the advice. Common doctor myths sometimes involve blaming doctors but each illness and condition presents differently so the more patients share with their doctor the better, particularly when it comes to the medications they are taking and any alternative or natural therapies they are using.

    4. There are good and bad doctors – Misconceptions about doctors sometimes arise because people judge a doctor’s ability on an individual skill, such as bedside manner, but a terse doctor on the ward doesn’t automatically mean an incompetent one in the operating theatre. She or he may simply be very busy, or be tired from working a double shift. Doctors have good and bad days, as well as individual personalities. Any industry can have incompetent professionals but sometimes it’s just a matter of a bad fit between doctor and patient.

    5. Doctors know everything – This is definitely among the more common doctor myths. While doctors spend many years learning, it is not possible for any one doctor to be an expert on all health conditions. There are continual advancements in medical technology and disease management so doctors never stop learning. Even after becoming fully qualified and practicing for many years doctors continue to attend seminars and undertake research to educate themselves about the latest medical breakthroughs and best practice.


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