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5 Reasons Why It’s Great To See A Medical Student At Your Doctor’s Office

Discussion in 'Hospital' started by Egyptian Doctor, Feb 19, 2014.

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    1. You get more time: Because they are in training, medical students and residents have more time to spend with patients than staff physicians. As a result, most patients feel less rushed and more able to express their concerns without the regular time constraints felt in a doctor’s office.

    2. You’re getting the most up-to-date care: Residents doctors are preparing for qualifying exams and medical students are preparing for the completion of their degree and applying for residency programs. They are regularly attending seminars and have the latest medical information, not to mention savvy with the newest medical innovations that benefit patient care.

    3. You get two sets of eyes: Because they are working under the guidance of a staff physician, not only do you get the opinion of the resident or medical student, but also their supervisor. While it’s a safeguard to ensure that your care is complete and as safe as possible, it can also enhance your care to have more than one physician review your concerns.

    4. You may get seen earlier: Staff physicians can be fully booked. But when we have medical students or residents working with us, it opens up appointment spots which may help you get an earlier appointment.

    5. You can help shape a new doctor’s career: My best learning didn’t come from books but from my patients. I have learned so much as a physician from my patients and am forever grateful to those who allowed me to participate in their care. By allowing students to participate in your care, you are helping them develop their interpersonal skills and medical acumen to carry through to the remainder of their career.



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