5 Surprising Health Benefits of Anaerobic Exercises

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    Anaerobic exercise basically means "without air or oxygen." These are high-intensity exercises which are performed in a short time frame. The main difference between anaerobic and aerobic exercise lie on the body's requirement of oxygen as fuel for the activity being performed. Aerobic exercises are often low-intensity physical activities which are performed for longer durations. On the other hand, anaerobic exercises are often intense physical activities which lasts from a few seconds up to two minutes. Some of the popular forms of anaerobic exercises are sprinting, weight lifting and jumping.

    Like aerobic exercises, doing anaerobic exercise can prove beneficial to one's health especially if properly integrated into a regular exercise routine.

    1. Performing anaerobic exercises strengthens the bones. Regularly doing anaerobic training can help improve bone density, therefore strengthening them. Osteoporosis usually occurs as a person ages, thus anaerobic exercises can be a good line of defense before this condition sets in. People may still perform anaerobic exercises after being diagnosed with bone-related disorders under the supervision of their health care providers.

    2. Anaerobic training is also ideal for faster metabolism and reduced fat deposits. The food we eat are turned into sugar which fuels our bodies with energy. The excess amount of sugar is stored in the body and become fat. Since these exercises help build more lean muscles, metabolism automatically revs up. Leaner muscles require more calories to burn, thus leaving little room for fat deposits.

    3. People who regularly perform anaerobic exercises also see significant improvements in their balance and strength, two qualities which come in handy later on in life. Exercises such as weight lifting put much emphasis on strength and balance which may help prevent slips and falls as people grow older.

    4. There is also a marked improvement in joint health while indulging in regular anaerobic training. Because the body build more lean muscles and lesser mass while performing these exercises, a portion of the body weight is taken off which relieve pressure from the joints.

    5. It helps in projecting good self-image. Because anaerobic exercises often result in a fitter and leaner version of the person performing it, he will find that flexing his muscles is easier to attain. Successfully achieving the kind of body one desires does not only improve physical health, but also boosts positive self-image. In turn, the person becomes more confident and holds a more positive perspective.

    There are other several health benefits of an anaerobic exercise. That means there are more reasons to include these exercises into a regular physical routine. One doesn't have to be a professional athlete, weight lifter or a gymnast just to indulge in these kinds of training. Even as an ordinary individual, if you aspire for a better body form and more health improvements, you should have enough reasons why anaerobic exercise is good for you. Of course, you should consult your doctor beforehand to ensure that you achieve optimum results.



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