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7 Men’s Fitness Tips For Beginners

Discussion in 'Physical and Sports Medicine' started by Egyptian Doctor, Mar 27, 2013.

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    1- Before lifting weights, it is probably the single most efficient advice for a beginner to seek knowledge and demonstration from an experienced fitness instructor. Most gyms have their very own fitness instructors that you can ask questions about and teach you how to perform the exercises properly. This will ensure that the targeted muscles are stressed strictly and to avoid injury.

    2- One common mistake that beginners make when performing certain lifts is that they just lift the weight with their arms causing less stress to the targeted muscles. Say for example, a beginner performing pull down exercises just pulls the weights down to the chests back and forth, without engaging the muscles of the back. This not only lessens the stress to the back but allows only the biceps to take the work. Keep in mind that when performing back exercises, squeeze your shoulders blades together as you pull down the weights as this will ensure specific muscle involvement, not just the arms. In short, know how to utilize strict muscle involvement with every exercise to promote muscle growth and men’s fitness over all.

    3- When trying to build muscle and mass, take for consideration the weights and the set to rep scheme that you will be performing. The most basic principle for muscle and mass building would be to lift heavy weight for approximately 8 to 10 reps for three to four sets. This rep to set scheme ensures that you work your fast twitch muscle fibers which are involved with sudden bursts or energy and are also known to be well developed among people with massive muscle mass. When undergoing a heavy set, make sure that an assistant or a training partner is present to spot you should you fail during your last few reps.

    4- Another important fitness tip that you have to keep in mind as a beginner is to perform warm up exercises before your weight sessions. Your warm up sessions may include lighter exercises using light weights, a short fifteen minute cardio and/or stretching exercises. This will ensure that your muscles are pumped up before the upcoming vigorous weight training. This will also allow full range of motion before your exercise or your game. Furthermore, proper warm up prevents premature fatigue and muscle cramping.

    5- In order to develop over all fitness, you may ask your trainer to create a program for you that may involve over all body development that ensures you perform exercises for the whole body within two day sessions. For example, you can perform squats, bench press, pull ups and the bridge for the first day, then barbell military presses, barbell row, and dead lift for day two. Total body workout saves you time especially when you do not have the luxury of time to perform split training.

    6- Core workouts, develop the core which aids in stabilizing the torso when performing standing exercises, and aids in equal power distribution from the core to the limbs. One mistake that beginners often make when it comes to core exercises is to skip it then eventually forgets to perform the exercise. Core exercises such as the plank or the bridge, the side bridge, the bicycle crunch and the reverse crunch are essential moves that help in strengthening the core. When you notice that you may have plateaus, it is about time to give your core some attention. This is due to the fact that when you fail to lift more weights or when you have stopped to progress when it comes to your strength, then you may have a weak core that needs efficient core exercises.

    7- The exercises that you must perform must include compound exercises such as the squats, bench press, dips, barbell rows and dead lifts. These compound exercises are known to build mass, over al strength and promotes fat loss as well as they keep your fat burning ability running even hours after your workout session.



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