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7 Types Of Arts Inspired By Medicine

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reham Zenhom, Sep 15, 2019.

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    Doctors know they save lives and create miracles everyday but they might have no clue that they also inspire designers and artists all over the world creating sort of a whole other type of miracles by having their own influence on fashion and other types of art.


    Medicine Influence On Fashion:

    1- Moschino the highly known and respected brand and fashion house launched a collection of sweaters, sport-suits, dresses, tee-shirts, handbags and accessories at Milan fashion week called “ the capsule collection” which was inspired by capsules, tablets and the instructions on the medicine bottles.

    2- Jennifer Lopez the ultimate movie, dancing and singing star in her latest release of her new video called “medicine” not only she was inspired by medicine to perform her latest sexy music video but also the song carries the same name “medicine”, the video also inspired a clothing brand to produce a collection called “the white collection”.

    3- Famous child stars the Olsen sisters; who also have a famous fashion brand released a collection of backpacks which have fake capsules and tablets and various prescription drugs as an ornament on the bags.

    4- Valentina who is a fashion and jewelry designer who had a life threatening brain aneurysms ( enlargement of an artery), and after a successful and life saving operation she launched her fashion collection which was inspired by her neurosurgeon and her surgery, she even filmed the whole collection inside the O.R and shoot her video there.

    5- Fashion cares about doctors and wants to make them look good and stylish in both practical and professional way that some stores launched and manufactured antimicrobial- finish scrubs, under-scrubs, lab coats, hospital tops and pants inspired from fashion collection and styles of the runway to fit doctors requirements and needs in addition to making them feel good and stylish.

    6- An Icelandic designer once inspired his collection from herbal medicine and all the outfits and dresses had a twist of herbs printed on the fabrics in addition to the colors of the outfit itself, all of them had a touch of herbal medicine.

    7- The latest inspiration happened during New York Fashion Week by the designer which was inspired by the new legalization of cannabis and promoted the idea of using cannabis is no longer about getting high but about health, happiness and style and the growing industry that is controlled by women in the fields of marijuana and hemp.the collection that hit New York cat walk characterized by using sustainable fabrics and girly style.

    Medicine And Tattoos:

    medical tattoos are very popular, medical symbols are massive in the world of body art tattoos, the term medical tattoos has become popular and offers a very attractive variety of medical-themed tattoos such as heart anatomy, irregular heartbeat or the sinus arrhythmia and medical stethoscope. also medical alert tattoos are growing and they are replacing the traditional alert bracelets, diabetic patients draw a syringe with the phrase insulin dependent or type 1 diabetic or even the name of the medication necessary to save their lives.

    Medicine In Accessories And Jewelry:

    The medical symbols are a big breakthrough in the field of accessories and jewelry. Hundreds of designs inspired by medical symbols and devices like the heartbeat necklace, arrhythmia, the heart stethoscope, the medical alphabet and many more accessories inspired by doctors.


    Interior Design In Hospitals:

    The field of decoration and interior design haven't forgotten about hospitals as well, that profession is continuously on the rise as doctors and health care professionals pay attention to create a lovable and comforting atmosphere inside the rooms of the hospitals in particular at children's hospitals to provide some interior designs that create more playful and exciting atmosphere to elevate their spirit and overcome the intimidation and fear that a hospital as a place could create inside children minds.


    Songs Writing About Doctors:

    In the field of music you will never believe the number of hits and tracks that were inspired by doctors and medicine; so far they are over 60 songs most of them realized a huge success we will mention some of them as an example of how medicine inspired songwriters and performers to create and write songs about them:

    • Bad medicine by (Bon Jovi) 1988

    • I need a doctor (Eminem) 2011

    • I want a new drug ( Huey Lewis and The News) 1984

    • Another one bites the dust (Queen) 1980 who also did another song called under pressure in 1982

    • A little bit longer ( Jonas Brothers) 2008

    • Just like a pill (Pink) 2001

    • Hospital ( Counting Crows) 2012

    • Many songs with the title Medicine ( Harry Styles) 2018, Medicine ( Kelly Clarkson) 2017, medicine ( Shakira) 2014, medicine ( Daughter) 2012

    • Stitches ( Shawn Mendez) 2015.

    TV. Shows And Movies About Doctors:

    Like medicine inspired song writers they have inspired tv shows writers, movie makers, directors, actors and producers to create shows and movies about hospitals, doctors and their daily lives.

    These tv shows granted a huge and loud success and though most of them were based on the idea of doctors residency and work inside hospitals but each one of them was attractive and unique on it’s own and attracted a wide base of audience who interacted with their favorite doctors in the series. Many of those shows lasted for over a decade and left a huge impact on their audience and admirers as they felt realistic and represented real life in a way or another, even some of the audience were aspired to become doctors as they were deeply connected to these tv shows. They are about 60 shows but we will mention the most successful ones:

    • Grey’s anatomy 2005- present

    • House 2004- 2012

    • E.R 1994-2009

    • Scrubs 2001- 2010

    • Nip- tuck 2003-2010

    • Private practice 2007-2013

    • The Mindy project 2015-2017

    • Night shift 2014-2017

    • Chicago med 2015- 2019

    • The good doctor 2013-2019

    • Royal pains 2009- 2016

    • Nurse Jackie 2009- 2015

    • The resident 2017-2019

    • New Amsterdam 2018-2019

    • Heartbeat 19992-2010

    • A young doctor”s notebook 2012-2013

    • Strong medicine 2000-2006
    Of course we can’t mention all the great movies that were inspired by doctors and found that their lives and medical miracles are full of action, drama and emotions that had to be transferred to the big screen, we can only mention a few Such as:

    • ( the doctor) starring William Hurt in 1991.

    • Doctor Zhivago starring Omar El Sharif in 1965

    • The hospital starring George C Scott in 1971

    • Flat-liners 1990 starring Julia Roberts in 1990

    • Article 99 starring Ray Liotta in 1992

    Do doctors themselves who inspire professionals at various fields of art, care about fashion, tattoos, accessories and interior designs? Do they even have time to watch tv shows that describe their lives ? do they even like to listen to tracks that are about life, sickness and doctors? We can find out about that in the next article.

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