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8 Simple Tips To Fight Acne

Discussion in 'Dermatology' started by Egyptian Doctor, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Acne is a dermatological problem that faces many people especially adolescence and youth.

    Fighting Acne is not easy and it may take years , also anti-acne drugs are expensive and not effective 100%.

    These are simple 8 tips to fight acne vulgaris naturally :

    1- Wash your face continuously at least twice per day.

    2- Dont pop pimples.

    3- Buy Non-acnegenic products only.

    4- Drink water as much as possible.

    5- Avoid sun rays.

    6- Dont make your hair "oily" touch your face.

    7- Dont touch your face many times by your hand.

    8- Eat balanced diet , walnuts , watermelon , yogurt.

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  2. neo_star

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    Nov 4, 2012
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    Nice Post by Egyptian Doctor.

    I just want to put in a word of caution w.r.t the first point on face washing. Some patients take it too seriously and end up washing the face all too often and with all the strong advertising on diff brands of facewash ( some dedicated to acne control ) they end up using some form of soapy wash more than a couple of times a day. This leads to excessive dryness and another problem crops up - reactive seborrhea, which is an attempt by the body to make up for the lost sebum. This results in further flares and then the patient will be told that it's normal to have this flare b4 things get better. The dermatologist will have no idea that the patient is overdoing the facewash. Then on a subsequent visit another product will be prescribed only for the cycle to repeat itself (until the patient has tried all the products without any benefit).

    So even if u use a non comedogenic product - overuse can result in a flare ):

    The reason usually is a hormone imbalance resulting from excessive stress, wrong diet, lack of sleep etc. which are never tackled.

    I hope this post will be useful to some of u having the - Curse of Acne


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