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A Night March Of "Takbeers" Against Corona Virus In Alexandria - Egypt, Provokes Reactions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Egyptian Doctor, Mar 24, 2020.

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    A night walk marches against corona virus through the streets of Alexandria (north of Egypt), sparking widespread controversy, amid criticism from these gatherings for fear of their contribution to new Corona infections (Covid-19).


    After midnight Monday - Tuesday, dozens of Egyptians marched in a prayer and magnification march, raising the scourge of the epidemic in the world, which counted 19 deaths out of 366 people who were confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus in Egypt.

    The departure of the march came shortly after citizens prayed for a number of supplications from the windows of their homes and through loudspeakers in a number of coastal areas of the city.

    On March 9, the Egyptian government banned the holding of events with large mass gatherings, as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. This was followed by announcing the suspension of prayer in mosques and churches, after criticism in the space of social networks.

    This comes while Egyptian media reported that the police broke up the Alexandria march.

    As video scenes circulated in the moving night march in Sidi Bishr neighborhood (east Alexandria), criticisms accompanied with ironic comments towards the event organizers emerged, due to the fear of some of them causing the spread of the epidemic .. Thus came the pace of interaction:


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