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A rare case of "Iron Woman"

Discussion in 'Dermatology' started by Egyptian Doctor, Aug 19, 2011.

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    I will report to you a rare case in my
    country, just like Dede 'the Root Man'. But this case is a different disease,
    maybe you can name her as Iron Woman. Why? You will know later on. It is also
    very interesting case because it challenge our knowledge, brain, science to
    explain the condition that happened.

    The Report

    Noer Syaidah
    (41), a woman that being known as a teacher at Al-Wardah Kindegarten in East
    Kutai District, East Borneo, Indonesia. She suffers a strange disease that
    hundreds of wires shed out of her belly. Even, there are two wires that being
    embed on her chest.

    "Has been uncountable the amount of wires that come out from my belly. Everytime
    wire falls, i collect it, even some has been taken by my doctor," She
    She has suffered the disease since 1991. It began when she felt
    abdominal discomfort, at that time, she thought that was a common abdominal
    problems. But, it began to show the strange when wire came out from her belly
    suddenly. She felt shock and couldn't imagine when saw an iron wire came from
    her belly, at first time. She hided it from her family.
    After suffers for
    long time, she began to search cure for the disease, from medical, alternative,
    and supranatural.

    She also had ever been operated for her disease, with
    the Imaging guided surgery, she had laparotomy, process took long times because
    the wires kept moving, looks like know that is going to remove. The surgery
    didn't solve the problem because it only removed small wires, big wires still in
    her body.
    In 2006, this disease was getting worse, and gave more strange
    conditions. "Everytime close to my birthday, January 9th, the wires increase,"
    she said.

    The Cure?
    The disease that being suffered by Noer Syaidah (41) is a
    new disease and first time occurs on the world. In medical knowledge, there is
    no reference or literature for the disease. You may not believe it, but you will
    suprise when you see it.
    There is no explanation, how can an iron wire be
    produced by human body. A surgeon, who takes care of her now, believes that this
    disease can be cured by surgery.

    The spiritual explanation, she ever went
    to a paranormal (shaman), the shaman explain to her that she is being voodoo by
    someone, and she should leave Samarinda (the city that she lived), it's better
    if cross the ocean. She tried it, and it works the symptoms milder, the wires
    didn't come out for about 5 years. But when she came back to Samarinda, the
    symptoms became worse than before.

    I don't know whether this is medical
    field or mystique field. But this is irrational, out of logic. But, for
    information, in my country, believe to supranatural power is still preserved. So
    maybe the cause is voodoo.

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    i m shocked vvvvvvv strange disease

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    Saudi Arabia
    Strange World.

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