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Ain shams International Medical Students' Congress

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Egyptian Doctor, Dec 3, 2011.

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    This year is our 20th birthday, and we are all motivated already to have you here with us in this special congress, so what is AIMSC?..lets takea brief look about it's history

    AIMSC is Ainshams International Medical Students' Congress, a congress that have been held by Ainshams University since February 1992 by the late professor Ali Kalifa, one of the recognized professors that we had in our University.

    Over the past 19 Februarys of the past 19 years, medical students and young doctors from around the globe have gathered in Cairo to take part in a most exquisite and utterly unique event. Our continuous and maturing ability to host a largely competitive and intellectually rich scientific program alongside offering you 5 start hotel accommodation, transportation and social outings, all makes our congress package like no other.

    This congress will carry much more surprises like no other, being the 20th, makes everyone motivated to work, so help us making it good by seeing you there

    We will be adding more features to our scientific program, workshops, our social program will be like no other, from the moment you will step outside the airport, more offers that we are telling you about here in our website which will make this congress, the event we all waited for to break the routine of medical studying

    The AIMSC is considered one of the biggest and oldest medical students' Congresses in the world

    For more information please visit
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