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Are American Doctors The Best Doctors In The World?

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 10, 2017.

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    If you are reading any articles about comparison between doctors according to countries you will find that most of the newspapers and websites consider US doctors as the best doctors in the world, is it true or it is just an American propaganda.

    We all know that famous doctors in the history were from Egypt, Greece, China and India but now everything is different as the quality of doctors is not measured by the doctors themselves but it depends on the healthcare system they are working in, the guidelines thy have and being strict to the rules or not.

    USA has the best training program for doctors worldwide, many doctors everywhere are taking USMLE exams to match a medical residency in USA and practice medicine there, they are not only seeking for high salaries there but also seeking for good medical training.

    According to most of the rankings, USA also has the best medical schools and also the best hospitals in the world.

    Scott. M. Aaronson, Carter. G. Abel, Mona. M. Abaza, Mark. F. Aaron, Corrie T. M. Anderson, A. Reese Abright, Khalid Abbed, Fouad . M. Abbas, William Abdu, Myles. B. Abbott are examples for famous doctors in USA.

    At the end we have to admit that USA has the best healthcare system in the world so they have the best doctors but if other doctors anywhere worked in USA they will also be the best doctors because it depends on the system more than the doctors themselves.


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