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Are You A General practitioner? Here Is Your Guide

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Hala Ali, Nov 26, 2019.

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    Although there is an academic background, the lack of experience can hinder the work of any intern. Follow the following tips and do not miss this opportunity, which you will have when you decide to enter the entire working world.

    Entering the world of work for the first time is not easy. Therefore, business practice becomes the opportunity to discover if what you think you want to do is a reality and not an ideal product of your imagination. In addition, it serves to train, know the work environment, make your name known and create contacts.

    In the end, this experience will help you, once you graduate; your resume weighs more in any selection process.

    Be dynamic: Practitioners are usually a bit introverted, because they don't know the dynamics of their work. The truth is that the practitioner's key is to show enthusiasm and try to get involved in all the activities you can.

    Be proactive: hospitals usually do not assign tasks and responsibilities directly to the practitioner, so they tend to isolate themselves and do nothing. The practitioner's key is to offer your help, ask what you can do and always show your positive attitude.

    Know that the little experience does not limit it: since he has never worked, the practitioner feels that he does not understand the operation of his area and believes that he will not be able to do his tasks well. That is why it is advisable to look for those who have experience.

    This will help you to develop the basic tasks and to be able to receive more specific ones.

    In practice you will not perform important tasks: this is one of the things that students need to understand . Many practitioners complain that they have nothing to do in their practice or their tasks are very basic. The intern must take advantage of the experience to know the work environment.

    Always complete the practice period: if you do not like what you found in the place where you are doing the practice, it is best not to give it up and always do your job well. Leaving it halfway, doing half the assigned tasks or being late is not recommended. Remember that practice is part of your professional training. If you did not like it, do not reapply to anything that has to do with what you did, but while you finish do your best and leave the doors open.

    The salary is not the most important: this aspect should not be decisive when accepting or not a practice. Many important entities do not pay such good salary to their practitioners, but they offer you the opportunity to stay or serve to open many doors once you graduate. The safest thing is that after graduating what stopped winning in practice, I will recover it with your work.

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