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Average Doctors Salary In Spain

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sandra Pierina Lopez, Nov 1, 2019.

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    Medicine is one of the most complex and long professional careers that exist today. Also in this profession you never stop studying, since advances and medical discoveries arise every day. Doctors have traditionally been one of the professions that are related to high salaries, although their salary depends on the specialty they exercise, the age they are, the guards they perform and the autonomous community in which they practice their profession.

    According to data from the State Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM), the average salary of a doctor is approximately € 64.424,66 per year. This is a monthly average of about 5.368, 72 euros.

    There a several factors that affect the salary of a doctor in Spain:

    . - Region or Locality: Within Spain there is salary differences between their different communities, this difference can reach 13.000 euros per year, which is the margin between what a specialists in Euskadi charges compared to another in Murcia.

    . - Specialist: Salary differences between Primary Care doctors and other specialists. The report concludes that the rest of the medical specialists charge more than those of Primary Care. Specifically, the salary of the former is 3,000 euros higher than the year of generalists. This difference is also noticeable in the percentage of these professionals who charge 55.000 or more gross per year. While 46 percent of specialists charge this amount, in the case of Primary Care physicians the percentage is reduced to 38 percent.

    . - Sex: The feminization of the health sector is discriminatory, there is a greater presence of women than men, however does not imply equality in working conditions. In fact, there is a huge inequality between what doctors and women doctors charge, it is plausible today in Spain: 12.000 euros more than they enter per year.

    The Spanish Public Health has international fame thanks to the exhaustive training that its professionals receive and the quality of the services they offer. In addition, the medical profession is one of the most valued, both for the prestige that this profession has enjoyed for centuries and because, traditionally, doctors earn salaries above average. In the last decade Spain has suffered a death in its economy and the effects of the cuts in public spending also have been noted in the salaries of doctors.

    Compared to other countries, Spanish doctors are well below the salary that Germans earn annually, French, British and Americans are who charge more per year. French (95.000), German (125.000), British (129.500) and US (250.440) doctors approximately. This is confirmed by the latest data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in which the salaries of Spanish doctors are among the lowest in the 37 member countries. This puts them at a serious disadvantage compared to their European neighbors, who charge an annual average of 76.549,56 euros. It really is not a salary according to the responsibility of that profession.

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