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Average Salary Of Doctors In Venezuela.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sandra Pierina Lopez, Nov 1, 2019.

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    In Venezuela, residents and rural doctors earn 30.557 bolivars, plus a food bonus of 63.720 bolivars, which is insufficient given that the basic family basket is over 600 thousand bs. From August last year to December, doctors received an increase of 125%. The resident and rural doctors received in August a salary of 13.518 bolivars and in December they raised them to 30.557 bolivars. The food bonus is 8 tax units, which is equivalent to 63.720 bolivars.

    The medical doctor's proposal requires that a rural doctor earn 33 minimum wages, which is equivalent to 891.000 bolivars. The president of the FMV recalled that the collective hiring of the guild has not been discussed since 2003.

    The accelerated advance of hyperinflation has drastically deteriorated the purchasing power of the currency.

    In Venezuela a specialist doctor earns approximately $ 27,23 (Bs 700.000), plus the baskets, this is the basic salary, while a doctor with five years of experience in Argentina can earn on average up to $ 709, 59, his counterparts in Colombia can earn approximately $ 1.203,19 and in Chile it can even reach $ 2.443, 90 per month. In Venezuela, all jobs are below what a professional with the same profile in another country perceives. The economic crisis that the oil country is going through has put the health sector at risk. The shortage of medicines and the lack of medical supply in Venezuelan hospitals make daily difficult the work of doctors. On the other hand they are constantly putting their physical integrity at risk, due to the high level of crime and insecurity that the country is going through.

    The president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation, Douglas León Natera, demanded a salary increase for Venezuelan doctors, according to the economic reality currently being lived.

    This precarious and decadent situation has caused an important migration phenomenon, never seen before in this Caribbean country. Doctors and professionals from other areas have emigrated to countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Spain and the United States, among others; in search of better life opportunities for them and their families.

    Many of these professionals just a decade ago earned salaries equivalent to 2.000 dollars a month and more, however, currently they only received 20; which makes a decent life in this country unsustainable.


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