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Can I Take My Allergy Medicine After Getting Vaccinated? Which Pediatric Ages Are Most Impacted By C

Discussion in 'Pediatrics' started by Mahmoud Abudeif, Apr 30, 2021.

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    I have a trip planned to Texas at the end of June. My husband, due to medical issues, has not received any vaccine. I plan on masking and distancing as best as possible. Can I bring the virus back and give it to him?


    Assuming you are fully vaccinated and you are masking and distancing, the chances of you bringing the virus home is very low. The risk is higher if you are not vaccinated.

    New CDC guidelines say that fully vaccinated workers no longer need to be restricted from work following exposure as long as they are asymptomatic. This makes no sense to me. Please explain why these people cannot take this disease into the workplace then spread it while asymptomatic?

    The newest set of guidelines are taking into account the overall effectiveness of the vaccine. You are correct that this is not a zero-risk recommendation. An asymptomatic, vaccinated person can transmit virus. It’s just that, based on CDC’s data, that risk is low enough that a work restriction is no longer warranted. It’s important to note that testing, but not quarantine after an exposure is still recommended in certain circumstances. This is also why wearing masks and social distancing are recommended in workplaces.

    What specifically are the pediatric ages most being affected by COVID?

    The highest daily case rate is in the 10 to 19-year-old age group.

    With all the cases in Michigan, is this helping with herd immunity? Also, is that as good as the vaccine?

    It is absolutely helping with herd immunity. It’s not the ideal way to get there, but it is an odd benefit to people getting infected. As far as if it’s as good as the vaccine, the truth is that we don’t really know, but it is very likely that a natural infection does provide significant immunity.

    I have allergies and take allergy medicine to relieve the symptoms. Is it OK to take allergy medicine after getting vaccinated? Do I need to wait a specific time after being vaccinated before I can take allergy medication?

    You should continue all your usual medications. There’s no need to delay your allergy medication after getting the vaccine.


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