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Can Online Health Information Harm You ?

Discussion in 'Hospital' started by Egyptian Doctor, Mar 25, 2011.

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    There are many ways in which people may harm themselves through consuming online health information. We hear good things everywhere about high protein diet in weight loss and bodybuilding, health benefits of coffee, dairy products, fruits, etc. So, if someone uses these information, won't he benefit from it ?

    There are situations when people may actually harm themselves. No wonder all health websites put up a disclaimer " Use at your own risk and blah..blah ..blah". So knowing how online health information could harm might benefit people, or may be this could also cause harm. The rule of thumb for all people with any kind of disease condition ,or signs and symptom could be to " talk to your doctor regarding any health information you want to use, or you don't want to use".

    1. Someone with diarrhea from food poisoning reads " Milk is good for bodybuilding and weight loss"; he goes and drinks milk resulting in worsening of his diarrhea. NIH says with regard to food poisoning, ".. avoid dairy products, which can worsen diarrhea (due to a temporary state of lactose intolerance)".

    2. Someone with gout reads " How to loose weight in 4 weeks at home ?". She starts the training and suffers from acute attack of gout. Mayoclinic says, ".. However, avoid fasting and rapid weight loss because these can promote a gout attack.....Also avoid high-protein diets, which can cause you to produce too much uric acid".

    3. A pregnant women reads "Health benefits of Coffee". She starts drinking 12 ounce cup of brewed coffee everyday. Her baby is born with low birth weight. She wonders," why ?". Mayoclinic cites, "..a large 2008 study suggests that 200 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day

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    online health information is very useful for many people who are not able to consult a doctor for every problem they are facing but one should consult a doctor if using some medicines instead of just reading the info on internet.

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