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Chronic eruption of red spots

Discussion in 'Case Studies' started by Dr. Mo, Aug 24, 2019.

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    55 ys old female has a chronic history since 10 ys ago of repeated eruptions of red spots of variable sizes from small to medium to ecchymoses.
    The condition started 10 ys ago with special pattern; always in the lower limbs & usually on the medial and front aspects. First when started they were only on the inner aspect of the thighs. They last only for a few days, change to brownish & disappear. Then couple of weeks later, they reappear again. Year after year they began to appear more distally, now mainly on the legs not the thighs.
    The spots are not itchy nor elevated. Platelets are normal in count & function. She is not bleeding & she is otherwise absolutely normal except for few RBCs in urine only (6 - 7 /hpf) but Kidney function is normal. She is not taking any drugs.
    What could be ur DDx & Rx ?

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