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Chronic Tiredness

Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by Mena Moner, Oct 20, 2017.

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    Common Symptoms:

    Compared with previous level of energy

    -Tired all the time

    -Tired easily

    -Tired despite rest

    this leads to

    - disruption to work, social & family life

    - affects ability to carry about routine & other tasks.

    - Feelings of frustration.

    Common triggers:

    1. Psychological triggers:

    - Depression

    - Anxiety / stress

    - Worry

    - Doing too much

    - Doing too little

    2. Physical triggers:'

    Medical problems

    - Anemia

    - bronchitis

    - asthma

    - diabetes

    - sleep apnea

    - narcolepsy

    - thyroid disorder

    - influenza

    - alcohol/drug use

    - bacterial or viral infection

    - chronic liver disease

    - renal impairment

    - Addison

    Medications: à steroids, antihistaminics, Beta blockers


    Supportive therapy (most often needed ):

    - Depression

    - Worry

    - Stress/life problems

    - lifestyle change

    - level of physical activity.

    Medication for:

    - other mental or physical disorders

    - Certain anti-depressants are sometimes useful. (Tryptizole 10 mg, anafranil 25 mg)

    - there are no effective medications specific to fatigue.

    Behavioral strategies:

    - Examine how well you are sleeping.

    - Have a brief rest period about 2 weeks, in which there are no extensive activities.

    - After periods of brief rest, gradually return to your usual activities.

    - Plan pleasant / enjoyable activities into your week.

    - Gradually build up a regular exercise routine.

    - Do not push yourself too hard, remember build up activities gradually & steadily.

    - Try to have regular meals during the day.

    - Try to keep to a healthy diet.

    - Use relaxation techniques, for example, slow breathing (see before).

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