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CK Experience

Discussion in 'USMLE' started by Egyptian Doctor, Sep 12, 2019.

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    Hi Guys! I took my Ck on aug 22nd and I got my score back today!

    UWSA 1: 235 (3 weeks before)
    UWSA 2: 237 ( 3 days before)
    Real Exam CK: 240

    What I think I did right
    1. 10 days before the test, i started doing 6-8 hours of blocks every 2 days.
    2. I bought 9 forms of CMS online and just did them timed and mixed with UW blocks, i did 6 hours blocks.
    3. My step 1 was below 210. so this time, I took my time to really prepare.
    4. I did UW For almost 3 times. after 2 times, it will not be helpful! make sure you do another question bank and all CMS forms. the more exposure you get to new questions, the better. I used step 3 UW for weak areas and I also used AMBOSS for weak areas.
    5. for biostats, I bought medquest biostats lecture for 25$. it's very worth it. Then I memorized step 1 FA biostats, and did questions from UW, medquest and AMBOSS.
    6. I also did a live medquest course in Touro College, Harlem for a month. and then i took the exam 3 weeks after the course. The class was very great because of Dr. Fischer, Dr. Paras, Dr. Niket and Dr. Hastings. In my opinions, you need to have at least done UW one time before you join the class. it's a good thorough but fast-paced review. You need to ask questions in class and don't be shy to get embarrassed! I asked a lot of silly questions but that's how I learned.
    7. I do Yoga classes regularly, it's very helpful! and even during breaks in real exam, I did stretches on the floor. they really helped to clear my brain!

    Bottom line, everyone's preparation is different. I know most people say UW is the only one needed. But for me, I needed to do other qbanks to raise my score. I also used Onlinemed ed videos and qbank during the start of my preparation but I did not find the qbank useful but OME videos are great!

    I know I did a lot of resources but my step 1 score was very low and my CK practice scores weren't improving so I had to try different things until I found something that worked! For those of you, who are like me, please don't give up and just go take the exam because you are tired of it. I prepped for CK for almost a year, up and down. Life happens and we all can do great if we keep trying!

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