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Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Discussion in 'Orthopedics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Sep 27, 2011.

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    • herniated disc ”“ Many times, a herniated disc is caused by
      a repeated vibration or motion, such as using a machine, lifting improperly, or
      performing a sports activity. This can cause sudden heavy strain or increased
      pressure to your lower back.
    • Osteoarthritis ”“ This can cause pressure on the nerves in
      your spinal canal. It will affect your small facet joints in your spine, which
      can lead to lower back pain. Also, when you are diagnosed with osteoarthritis
      in other joints, like your hips, you may develop a limp or change how you walk,
      which can lead to pain in your lower back.
    • Spinal Stenosis ”“ This is a narrowing of your spinal
      canal. It can develop with age and is a gradual result of aging and wear and
      tear on your spine during daily activities. When you age, your ligaments can
      thicken and harden. The bones and joints may also enlarge, and bone spurs can
      develop. These different conditions can cause your spinal canal to narrow,
      creating pressure on your spinal nerve.
    • Vertebrae Fractures ”“ Fractures in your vertebrae are
      caused by a significant force. This force could be caused by an auto or bicycle
      accident, a blow to your spine, or by falling onto your buttocks.
    • Compression Fractures ”“ These are fractures that can be
      caused by a small amount of force. A sneeze can cause a compression fracture.
      These are more common in postmenopausal women who have osteoarthritis or in
      those who have been using corticosteroid long term.
    • Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis ”“ Spondylolysis is a
      specific defect in the connection between the vertebrae and the bones that make
      up the spinal column. It can lead to Spondyloloisthesis, which is caused by
      small stress fractures or breaks in the vertebrae that can weaken your bones.
      This can make that bone slip out of place causing low back pain.
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