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Communal Memories Of A Medical Student

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Miptha, Sep 7, 2019.


how many of you had the same memories like me

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  1. Miptha

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    Sep 7, 2019
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    Communal memories of a medical student

    All the medical students will remember their first day in medical school, make some amazing new friends, gather some unforgettable beautiful memories, face so many hard feelings and earn some valuable life lessons in medical schools. Even though each and every student's experience differs from others, there are some common experiences that all medical students will face.

    1. Wearing our white coat (Apron) for the first time: Wearing our apron for the first time and feeling like we have accomplished something and became doctors (almost).

    2. Seeing and touching cadavers for the first time in anatomy class: Even though the formalin smell is overwhelming and burning our eyes, that experience is awfully terrifying and thrilling at the same time.

    3. When someone calls you doctor: When someone calls you doctor gives us a sense of respect and a feel that we have become a respectable member of the society. Nothing can beat that feeling.

    4. Losing our patient: Losing our patient, seeing someone die right in front of our eyes, even though we have tried our best to save their life, can teach us some valuable life lessons.

    5. Become a medical advisor for our family and friends: As soon we complete our first year and start going to clinical postings, most of us might have received calls from our near and distant relatives asking for our medical opinion on their illness (like we are some specialists. The relatives don't know that right J)


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