Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeries

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    Our goal for most people especially women is to look better and younger. Besides skin care, weight loss programs and exercises; plastic surgery could be one of our choices in life when we fail to look better by lots of effort. Like everything in life plastic surgery has its pros and cons, and before taking the decision you have to go to a professional and well-experienced plastic surgeon to ask him about everything related to the type of plastic surgery you need to do; for example, preparations to be done before the surgery and the precautions that should be done after the surgery to protect yourself from any possible complications.

    There are also two different terms that we have to know in this field which are cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, they are almost the same but differ in the procedure type:

    Cosmetic Surgery
    It is a surgery that its main target is enhancing the individuals' appearance through different procedures such as:
    1- Skin Rejuvenation (Botox and Filler).
    2- Facial Contouring (Chin, Cheek, and Rhinoplasty).
    3- Breast Contouring (Augmentation, Reduction, Lifting, and Liposuction).
    4- Facial Rejuvenation (Eyelid lift, Neck lift, Brow Lift, and Facelift).

    Plastic Surgery
    It is the surgery which is not based on the appearance but repairs birth defects or deals with burns and diseases such as:
    1- Scar Revision Surgery.
    2- Hand Surgery.
    3- Burn Repair Surgery.
    4- Lower Extremity Reconstruction.

    Advantages of plastic and cosmetic surgeries
    1- Psychological Benefits
    You are able to socialize more than before as you have improved your state of mind, as some people were suffering from anxiety and depression as they were unsatisfied with their appearance, but all of these negative feelings were reduced by time and results with positive psychological outcomes.

    2- Improved Self-Confidence
    As mentioned before, plastic and cosmetic surgeries have positive psychological outcomes. Your better appearance will reflect on all your aspects of life.

    3- Pain is overestimated
    Cosmetic surgeries are not as painful as it is believed by many people. The technology also has a great role in improving the tools and techniques used to reduce the pain.

    Disadvantages of plastic and cosmetic surgeries
    1- Doesn't always meet expectations
    The final result you get after the surgery could be below your expectations, therefore you have to know and ask about everything in the procedure to avoid disappointment.
    2- Addiction
    Many people could get addicted to these surgeries and beside the point of the bills paid for this kind of surgeries which could cost too much, the person could develop Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). People who are diagnosed with this belief that they will get rid of BDD through multiple cosmetic surgeries, and of course, this is not true.
    Common dangers could happen through multiple surgeries as skin and muscle damage.

    3- The reactions of others
    Some people who care about others' opinions, so these kinds of surgeries couldn't be suitable for you, as not all people have the same opinion some of them could say negative feedback on the surgery results which could be so upsetting and affects your self-esteem.

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