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Diseases due to Environmental factors(physical injury)

Discussion in 'Pathology and Pathophysiology' started by waleed, Feb 10, 2012.

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    A) Frostbite :exposure to severe clod leads to vasoconstriction of the arterioles and capillary thrombi ending by gangrene of the fingers, toes,ears and nose.

    B) Heat stroke : Exposure to High temperature leads to excessive sweating and vasodilatation with loss of sodium and water ending by hypotenion ,hyperkalemia,dehydration and hypoxia .

    C) Electrical injury :The injury depends on the severity of the electric current and duration of contact .It leads to skin burns , bone fracture m rupture of organs and vessels and sudden death due to carsiac or respiratory distress.

    D) Radiation injury :1- Skin :early manifestations include dermatitis .Late manifestations Include cancer
    2- GIT :mucosal injury and ulceration .later on fibrosis occurs .
    3- Testis and ovary :destruction of germ cells and later on fibrosis and sterility .
    4- lung :edema and acute respiratory didtress and later on fibrosis.
    5- Hemopoeitic and lymphoid destruction leading to pancytopenia and lymphopenia .
    6- radiation nephritis , osteomyelitis , vascular inflamation and thrombosis.

    physical factors.jpg

    Source :Medical Inspiration: Diseases due to Environmental factors(physical injury)


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