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Doctors, Different Human Beings?

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by CristhiVergara, Aug 29, 2019.

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    Doctors, like a person from another profession, feel, suffer, have needs and problems to which they sometimes find no solution.

    It seems that patients usually visualize them almost as immortal beings or gods to whom nothing happens, they have their life in complete order, they have the time they want and they are full of innumerable amounts of money that allow them to give themselves luxuries.

    Although it is true that the latter may come to pass, there is a harsh reality that perhaps many overlook. For a doctor to have the comforts that he has always dreamed of, he must go through his stage of scarcity, hardness, test, love with what he does and in this whole process be polished how it is done with a diamond.

    Inherent in this is the specialty to which he chooses to dedicate himself; since not all have the same remuneration or income.

    A doctor to reach his dream lifestyle must go through many stages, he must deal with many problems, he must prove himself and overcome himself, have a lot of perseverance and commitment to what he does. It must be for this reason that many seem immortal beings, because not all human beings have the same capabilities to withstand certain types of experiences or circumstances, not all respond in the same way to adversities and as the medical career is well known it is not of speed but of a lot of resistance, the one that goes faster does not survive but the one who even in his stumbles is able to shake off the dust and get back up.

    Each stumbling block for the doctor represents an opportunity to reinvent himself, to make the best of himself, to continue studying if necessary and all this always thinking of saving, healing and improving his patients.

    This human component is essential in the doctor, since what a patient needs most is that they understand their condition and seek as much as possible the best alternative to improve it.

    And based on this, doctors can achieve so much, since with their attitudes and works they can influence their patients, the relatives of their patients, their colleagues, their family, friends and their environment in general. In addition, there is nothing more satisfactory for a doctor than to improve the condition of his patient, regardless of the time and sacrifice that this entails.


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