Doctors Have The Highest Suicide Rate Of All Professions

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    In the US 1 doctor commits suicide every day, thus being the profession with the highest suicide rate. Doctors who die from suicide often have untreated depression or other mental illnesses. This fact underscores the need for early diagnosis and treatment.

    Recently, a study was carried out in which doctors' suicides were analyzed over a decade and the conclusions drawn by the researchers were that between 28 and 40 doctors in every 100,000 commit suicide, a much higher rate than the one they have the general population (12.3 per 100,000 inhabitants). The findings were presented at the 2018 annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

    Anesthetists are medical professionals with a higher suicide rate, well above the average, since they are up to 5.5 times more likely to commit suicide than Internal Medicine professionals, another category that completes the US ranking.

    Anesthetists are followed by surgeons, one of the categories in which physicians suffer the highest stress ratios, due to the pressure they suffer every day. Finally, doctors who work in the Emergency Department complete the top 3 of the categories with the highest suicide rates.

    Gynecologists, psychiatrists, and family doctors are three other categories in which professionals have a high suicide rate. Finally, there are radiologists, pediatricians, and specialists in Internal Medicine.

    What are the biggest causes?

    Researchers have stated that professionals who end up committing suicide may have the first symptoms when they are studying Medicine or when they are doing a medical residency. However, anxiety, depression, stress, and pressure are the main reasons that lead health professionals to suicide.

    It should be noted that lack of sleep, which can be caused by stress and anxiety, is another cause that has led some doctors to commit suicide, although it is one of the least common. Just as so loneliness and mistakes made during an intervention, all of these are causes that have led some doctors to suicide, as the study concludes.


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    i think we need more studies for this with more variables include e.x gender, religion, culture and a lot .. before this statement..

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