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Doctors Salary In United Kingdom

Discussion in 'UKMLA (PLAB)' started by Egyptian Doctor, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Due to the massive shortage in NHS, GMC announced lately they will accept doctors with just OET instead of IELTS Academic which makes it a bit easier for foreign doctors to travel and work in UK, but what are the doctors salaries there?, according to Telegraph, these are the salaries for doctors in United Kingdom with comparison with other public sector workers.

    There are around 45,000 hospital consultants who are paid between £74,504 a year and £100,446 a year.

    Salaries for the UK's 42,000 GPs vary from an average of £103,000 a year for partners in practices to anything between £53,781 and £81,158 for GPs employed by Primary Care Trusts.

    Britain’s 65,000 trainee doctors start on £23,533 a year rising across 12 pay bands to £65,392, while the UK’s 15,000 specialty doctors start on £36,807 rising to £68,638.

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    The figures compare with train drivers on the London Underground, who receive between £45,000 and £46,000 a year.

    Staff who work in London Underground ticket offices receive £26,000 a year, while a typical station supervisor on the Underground is paid £40,000 a year.

    Elsewhere in the public sector, the annual salary for a police constable ranges from £21,000 to £36,500 a year, depending on experience.

    How doctors salaries compare to other public sector workers

    GPs - £103,000 a year for partners and £81,158 for GPs

    Hospital consultants - £74,504 to £100,446 a year

    Trainee doctors - £23,533 a year rising to £65,392 a year.

    Tube driver - £45,000 to £46,000 a year.

    Teachers - Up to £41,500 a year

    Police constable - £21,000 to £36,500 a year

    Average primary school headteacher (local authority controlled) - £51,800

    Average secondary school headteacher (local authority controlled) - £60,900


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