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Does Having A Hobby Help Me To Be A Better Doctor?

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by bart, Aug 25, 2019.

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    There are an infinite number of hobbies that can be interesting for doctors. The cinema, besides being entertaining, has important links with the work in the health sector. Other activities, such as reading or playing video games, are simply fun. At the same time, having a hobby can improve the care you provide to your patients. Do you know how?

    A hobby improves creativity

    Nowadays, it is complex to find an added value that distinguishes a business from its competition in the market. This phenomenon persists in the health area. Therefore, any office, laboratory, hospital or medical center should seek to attract patients and improve the care offered. But, the original ideas rarely reach people with a constant work mentality.

    A hobby helps create cognitive flexibility. Music, painting and other arts stimulate areas of the brain that may not be common in medical practice. Training them allows better ideas to emerge that, sooner or later, can impact the quality of care provided.

    Hobbies help create perspective

    Putting yourself in other people's shoes is difficult. At the same time, empathy is a fundamental value in medical practice. Having a hobby allows you to know more easily how other people react to your actions. For example, a musician must think if what he plays is to the liking of his audience. A novelist considers whether his argument would be convincing for someone else.

    This mentality, when constantly practiced, can be applied in the medical environment. Is the care I give to patients ideal to meet their needs and standards?

    Improve self-confidence

    Any health professional can make mistakes. Even when the care was adequate, there are patients who make irrational complaints. This attitude can demotivate even the best doctor. Practicing a hobby can give that morale boost that is needed in some circumstances.

    Play a song perfectly, pass a level in a video game, finish a book. These activities give a powerful feeling of satisfaction. And in an industry with many demands and few rewards, it is an invaluable emotional resource.


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