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Eczema and Diet - How a Change in Diet Cured My Eczema

Discussion in 'Dermatology' started by Dr.Night, Dec 4, 2011.

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    I ate junk foods occasionally. I ate red meat at almost every meal. I loved cakes and cookies and I thought nothing of eating after 8pm at night. All bad diet habits.

    Because of my bad diet and how I lived my life I suffered terribly with eczema. I suffered for over 25 years. I saw skin doctors, specialists, nutritionists and several herbalists but none of them could cure me. It wasn't until I made a dramatic change in my diet that I was finally free from the disease.

    But that junk food diet is not the kind of diet I live on now. And because of the change in my diet I am totally eczema free and have been for some time.

    Three of the most important foods that I now include in my diet originally helped me to cure my eczema rash. These foods are called superfoods simply because of the immense nutritional natural power that they contain.

    These three Superfoods have the power to heal, cure and eliminate your eczema.

    The Superfoods are all living, vibrant foods that are eaten uncooked and unprocessed. They have the power to change the way you feel about your skin and the way you feel in general.

    Here is a list of my favourite three:

    #1 - Eczema Diet - How A Change in Diet Cured my Eczema

    Bean Sprouts - Seeds and grains that are powerhouses of nutritional goodness and life energy. Just add a little water and they will germinate, grow for a few days in your kitchen and you end up with cheap and quite phenomenal health enhancing value. That's the brillance of bean sprouts.

    They will rejuvenate your skin, heal open wounds and reduce any itching, naturally.

    Examples of seeds and grains include - alfalfa, sunflower seeds and mung beans.

    #2 - Eczema and Diet - How A Change in Diet Cured my Eczema

    Aloe Vera - Aloe is a very powerful healer and strengthener. Aloe is a medicinal plant and looks like a cactus. It is used by East Indian women to maintain beauty and counteract symptons of aging. Aloe is said to be oestrogenic and will vitalise and tonify your skin from the inside out.

    Aloe can be purchased in any health store in the form of Aloe gel or Aloe juice. Aloe contains 18 amino acids as well as numerous vitamins and minerals.

    Aloe contains anti-inflammatory properties; anti-bacterial properties, immune stimulating properties and general tissue repair properties. Perfect for eczema skin.

    #3 - Eczema and Diet - How A Change in Diet Cured my Eczema

    Green Grass Barley is one of the only foods on earth that can nourish you from birth to old age. Green Barley Grass contains Chlorophyll, the pigment which gives it colour. Chlorophyll is a great detoxifier, deodoriser and wound healer. Chlorophyll has the ability to mimic haemoglobal in the blood.

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    Eczema and Diet - How a Change in Diet Cured My Eczema

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