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Emergency surgery in liver hydatid disease

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by prof-shakeel, Feb 21, 2014.

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    A retrospective study performed by a group of surgeons in Libia in Zliten on patients having hydatid cyst, and they have stated in their study that :

    Hepatic hydatid disease is very common in Libya. In Zliten hospital, we operated 400 patients with hepatic hydatid cysts over period of 20 years. All patients were symptomatic. Their ages varied from 3 to 85 years including 215 female and 185male patients. Their symptoms varied from abdominal pain to abdominal mass 67 patients were admitted through Accident and Emergency Department with acute presentations including fever, skin rash, jaundice and shock with acute abdominal pain. Those 67 patients had necessary investigations, resuscitation and underwent emergency surgery. The hepatic cysts in all patients were excised, and the obstructive jaundice was cleared in those patients with obstructive jaundice. Unfortunately, one of the patients died two days after the surgery because of multiple organ failure (MOF) Morbidity was wound Infection , bile leak and recurrence rate were all reported in our series.

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