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Everything You Need To Know About UKMLA

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Madeline Elabd, Apr 22, 2021.

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    If you are a medical student aiming to practice medicine in the UK, then you’ve probably heard of UKMLA. In this article we’ll talk about everything you need to know about UKMLA.

    To be GMC registered and licensed to practice medicine in UK, IMGs usually take PLAB tests. UK students, EEU and Switzerland graduates did not need to take that test, but this is about to change soon.


    So, what does UKMLA stand for?

    - United Kingdom medical licensing assessment.

    Who will need to take UKMLA?

    - Any medical student willing to practice medicine in UK, including UK students, EEU, Switzerland and international medical graduates (IMGs).

    When will it start?

    - From early 2024

    - And UK medical students graduating in the academic year 2024-25 will need to pass the MLA as part of their medical school degree, before they can join the medical register.

    What does the assessment involve?

    - The assessment will be very similar to PLAB tests, two parts.

    · Part one: The applied knowledge test (AKT)

    This will be an on-screen exam, with multiple choice questions. the test will run four times a year for international candidates, at a number of locations worldwide.

    It is mandatory to pass AKT before applying for the next step.

    · Part two: The clinical and professional skills assessment (CPSA)

    Will be similar to PLAB 2 exam, OSCE stations with different scenarios to assess you clinical and professional skills with dealing with patients.

    It will be conducted at Manchester.

    How do I prepare?

    - There’s still no sample questions available for AKT, but MLA content map tells you about the topics and areas that you would be assessed on.

    - Link for MLA content map:

    Can I retake the exam?

    - If you didn’t pass from the first attempt, there will be chances to retake the test again. A maximum number for attempts will be announced.

    But I have already started PLAB?

    - If you passed both PLAB 1 and 2, then you won’t need to take MLA.

    - If by 2024, you have passed PLAB 1 only in less than 2 years, then you will not need to take AKT, but will take CPSA instead of PLAB 2. When you pass the CPSA, you’ll be able to apply for registration with a licence to practise.

    - if, by 2024, you attempted PLAB 1 but you didn’t pass, then you will take both AKT and CPSA.

    - Passed PLAB 1 and attempted PLAB 2 but did not pass? Your next attempt will be CPSA.

    Will I need evidence of knowledge of English?

    - Yes. You can check English knowledge requirements on GMC online.

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