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Face Shapes Complete Guide: Know All About your Face Shape In A Detailed Face Types Comparison

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    Many people are unaware of their facial shape until not unless they do some research. For starters, knowing your face shape may assist you in selecting the most attractive haircuts, spectacles, and contouring techniques. But, knowing your face shape requires more than just looking in the mirror and identifying the features. With so many variations and similarities between the forms, determining your face shape might be challenging. It can also alter over time due to variables such as age and weight increase or reduction.

    Identifying your facial feature has long been one of life's greatest mysteries. Is it rectangular? Is it oblong? Does it resemble a heart? There are so many alternatives available that it might make your brain explode. There are six face types: oval, circular, square, cardiac, diamond, pear, and oblong. Here are few things to consider or look for while deciding on the shape of your face:

    · The width of your face (most significant part)
    · The way your jawline is shaped
    · Your face length

    How to Decide the Shape of Your Face?

    The Width of Your Face

    · You have a pear-shaped face if your jawline is the most prominent feature of your face and your forehead is thinner.
    · If the front of your face is the most significant part, you have an inverted triangle or a heart-shaped face, leading to a smaller jawline.
    · You have an oval, round, diamond, or heart face when your cheekbones are the most noticeable feature of your face (the largest).
    · You have a long or square face if the width of your forehead, cheekbone, and jaw is almost the same.

    The Length of Your Face

    · If your face is the same in length and width, you have a round face shape.
    · For people who have a long face, the length is greater than the width of your face.
    · For oval-shaped faces, you probably have a rounded chin, a long face, with your cheekbones being the widest part on your face.
    · If your face is long, with its pointing chin, you have an inverted triangle or heart-shaped face.

    Jawline and Chin

    · If your chin is pointing out and your cheekbones are your face's larger area with a narrower jaw and a forehead, you have a diamond-shaped look.
    · You will have an inverted triangle or heart-shaped face if your chin is pointed. Another indication would be to have a forehead that is the larger area of your face.
    · You most probably have a square face if you have a square jaw. Your face must be about the same width across your forehead, cheeks, and jaw and may be broad or rectangular as long as it is.
    · If your chin is round, it is usually a long or oval face.

    Widow's Peak

    · For a heart-shaped face, you people have a widow's peak. Also, you would have a sharp jawline, and your forehead or cheekbones are the broadest features of your face.
    · You have an inverted triangle facial shape if you don't have a widow's peak. But you must have a sharp chin, and your forehead is the biggest portion of your face.

    What are the Different Types of Face Shapes?

    1. Round Shaped Face

    You have a round face if the width and length of your face are equal or balanced. You most likely have a round chin as well. The broadest section of your face is your cheeks, which gives it a rounded contour. Go for face-framing hairstyles that generate width through the jawline with fullness and width through the neck to balance the face's structure.


    2. Oval Face Shape
    If you have a long and round face, then you probably are an oval face-shaped person. Your chin is still rounded, but your face is now longer than it is wide. Your brow is most likely the broadest area of your face. Try to maintain balance in your eye makeup and lipstick. This implies that if you're looking for a bold eye look, such as the smoky, keep your lips basic and natural. A highlighter can assist draw attention to specific features.


    3. Diamond Shaped Face
    Diamond-shaped features are characterized by high cheekbones and pointy chins. You would believe that this is also a heart-shaped face, but it isn't. The major difference is that people with a diamond face have a thinner forehead. Long length hairstyles are ideal for diamond-shaped faces. A short crop cut will draw attention to your cheekbones while also opening up your face.


    4. Heart Shaped Face
    A pointed chin and a broad forehead are the most prominent features of a heart-shaped face. It is not important if you have a widow's peak or not because your forehead is the biggest area of your face, and your chin is pointy. This facial shape is also known as an inverted triangle.


    5. Rectangle or Oblong Face Shape
    The rectangular face shape is often recognized as an oblong face shape. A rectangular face differs from an oblong face only in that the oblong face is somewhat less inclined. It does, however, have the same basic rectangular structure. Square and oblong faces are often seen to be the most appealing face shapes.


    6. Square Face Shape
    People with square-shaped faces generally have straight sides with a minor curve at the chin. A square face, like a round face, is the same length and width on both sides, as seen in Natalie Portman, Mandy Moore, Sandra Bullock, and Olivia Wilde. Square faces, on the other hand, are more angular than round ones. You probably have a broad jaw if you have a square-shaped face. Contouring is quite effective in softening the harsh angles that come with a square-shaped face. You may use the highlighting method to bring out certain features of your face. Use a concealer on your forehead and under the hollows of your cheekbones if you have a square face. Contouring your jawline will also help you balance out your facial features.


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