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Financial, emotional relationships similar

Discussion in 'Family Medicine' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 19, 2011.

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    Most people liken the majority of their financial commitments to the kind of relationship they have with their partner or spouse, a British survey indicates.

    The survey for Standard Life indicates 81 percent of people in Britain said paying into a pension and their relationship with their pension is like a relationship with their partner, while 47 percent of those with gym membership view it as a "husband or wife" relationship.

    The survey also indicates that one's most significant emotional relationships and financial relationship last about the same amount of time. The longest relationship people have in Britain tend to be with a partner or spouse, while their longest financial commitment lasts just two years less on average over their lifetime.

    The survey also found:

    -- Men and women who have a partner spend about 50 minutes a day (on average) thinking about their partner and 37 minutes a day thinking about their financial commitments.

    -- 77 percent of men who pay a mortgage are most likely to liken the relationship to the same as with a spouse versus 83 percent of women.

    -- 59 percent who have paid-for TV admit that they view their subscription as most like a husband and wife relationship.

    The survey of 2,016 British adults was conducted by YouGov Plc June17 to 20. No margin of error was provided.

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