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Funny Myths About Pregnancy

Discussion in 'Gynaecology and Obstetrics' started by OlaElganzoury, Sep 16, 2019.

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    There are a lot of myths we have met in medicine, drugs, and diseases.

    Now, I will discuss thirteen pregnancy myths that doctors may hear from patients during their pregnancy periods, these myths are definitely wrong, But actually, they are so funny.

    1) Mums think that when they have cold their fetuses will have it too, they think babies are suffering from symptoms as their mums do.
    They do not know that only few infections can reach their babies through placenta, and cold is not one of them.

    2) Some pregnant females avoid doing exercises during pregnancy periods, because they think that the umbilical cord will wrap around baby’s body, or strangle him.

    3) Some partners think that they should stop having sex in order not to harm their developing babies.
    They don’t know that baby is fully protected by gestational sac and amniotic fluid surrounding it.

    4) A funny myth concerning baby’s gender, is that the shape of the baby pump can tell mums about the gender of her incoming baby, the legend says that basketball-like pump means that it is a boy, and spreading of pump around the middle tells that it is a girl.

    5) People say that when a pregnant female is very interested in someone during her pregnancy, that means her baby will look like this one. What if mum loves monkeys?!!

    6) Some says that if a pregnant mum is itching a certain part many times during pregnancy, her baby will have a birthmark in the same part of his body.

    7) Another common very funny myth, is that pregnant females suffering from heartburn, are having babies with much more hair in their heads.

    8) An inherited myth about pregnancy, is that the pregnant woman is eating for two, herself and her baby, and so, she should double the food amount to nourish her baby well.

    9) A lot of pregnant women avoid travelling in flights, as it may hurt their fetuses.

    10) Also pregnant mums are afraid of passing through security devices in airports and malls because of the radiations emitted from it, Even though they are exposed to many radiations during their daily lives from T.Vs, smart phones, and many others.

    11) In some cultures, It is supposed not to receive, buy, or open any baby gift before labour, they say it brings evils and misfortune.

    12) In some countries, people say that when a pregnant female has a large nose, that means she has a boy, but a girl doesn’t cause nose enlargement for her mum, in other countries they suppose the opposite, baby boy increases mother’s beauty, and baby girl steals it from her mum.

    13) The last myth to mention is about spicy food during pregnancy, some says that spicy foods can cause blindness for babies.

    Myths will never be eradicated, they are very common, not only in medicine, but also in everything in our daily life. Our role is to raise people’s awareness of them.

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