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Heart Shaped Faces

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Reham Zenhom, Nov 13, 2019.

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    Is heart shaped face considered an attractive face shape?
    Men and women with heart shaped faces are blessed with widow’s peak which means lower hairline which is such an attractive trait. This face shape has mixture of angled and curved features with an amazing high cheekbones.

    How will you know that you have a heart shaped face?
    • Forehead or cheekbones are the widest part of the face but forehead is significantly wide.

    • Narrow jaw.

    • Pointy and narrow chin.

    • V-shaped growth of the hair towards the center of the forehead (widow’s peak).

    • The face looks like an inverted triangle, lower half of the face is narrow, and it is slightly longer than it is wide.

    • Mouth and chin appear relatively small when compared to the upper half of the face.
    What celebrities have a heart shaped face?

    Female Celebrities with a heart shaped face:

    • Kourtney Kardashian - Alyson Hannigan.

    • Blake Lively - Kate Graham.

    • Kerry Washington - Cote De Paplo.

    • Jennifer Garner - Ashley Greene

    • Diana Agron -Jessica Stroup

    • Reese Witherspoon -Julia Roberts

    Male celebrities with a heart shaped face:

    • Leonardo DiCaprio - Justin Timberlake.

    • Ethan Hawke - David Spade.

    • Nick Jonas - Joseph Gordon-Livett

    What hairstyles are best for heart shaped faces?

    Choose a style that could create an illusion of narrower forehead and wider jawline.

    Best hairstyles for female heart shaped faces:

    Bangs and wavy hair are the best hairstyles for heart shaped face that will soften the wide forehead.
    • Long side swept bangs and layers of the hair will draw attention to the eyes and move the focus away from the pointy chin.

    • Deep side part with some loose waves and shoulder length hair will create a youthful look.

    • Long or even super long straight hair with full or blunt bangs will draw attention to the eyes and high cheekbones.

    Best hairstyles for males with heart shaped faces:

    The idea about choosing the perfect hairstyle for men with heart shaped face is to soften the forehead whether having wavy, straight or curly hair. You could use some facial hair or light beard to bulk up the face a little.
    • Sweep the hair to the side or to the back with medium length cut, like comb over or side part hairstyles.

    • Faux hawk hairstyle.

    • Fringe hairstyle.

    • Avoid shaved sides and let the hair grow.
    Best makeup for a heart shaped face:

    Heart shaped faces needs to restore the balance of their proportions, they need to narrow the forehead and rounding the pointy chin.

    • Contour the forehead and bring the contour down without filling the entire forehead and avoid the bronze contour.
    • Highlight the center of the forehead, only the top of cheekbones and nasal bridge then the chin center to give an illusion of light reflection and wider chin.

    • Add blusher to the apple of the cheeks.

    • Rounded eyebrows are the best to compete the style with pop out eye shadow to bring the focus to the eyes.
    • [​IMG]
    What type of glasses are best for heart shaped faces?

    • Wayfarers frames add a touch of glamour to the face shape and the tapered lenses will balance the face.

    • Oval glasses help soften the angles and don’t emphasize the cheekbones.

    • Rectangular glasses will balance the curves of the heart.

    Best earrings for heart shaped faces:

    You need to balance the pointy chin and the narrow lower half of the face by using earrings that are wider at the bottom like teardrop earrings. Those type of earrings and the use of chandelier will counterbalance the sharp chin and help in filling the narrow jaw.

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