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How Can A Medical Student Overcome Anxiety Of The Exam Periods?

Discussion in 'Medical Students Cafe' started by Doaa samir, Sep 5, 2019.

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    There is no doubt that the medical students are always exposed to great pressures and Burdens and This is due to the difficulty of academic study which requires high effort and consumes time and high energy. And one of the biggest problems facing the medical students is the exam period, as exam period is always a difficult period full of stress and anxiety in which a double effort is made compared to regular study periods.

    For the medical students, the pressure increases with variation of exam forms from writing exam to practical to oral, and with the desire to achieve the highest degrees then it becomes a great pressure and creates anxiety, tension and fatigue.

    Here some tips to overcome the anxiety of exam periods:

    1. Believe in yourself and your abilities to overcome any problem that may face you on your way to success.

    2. Accept your fear and be aware that it is normal but requires your courage to face and control it.

    Manage your time and increase studying time in exam period to ensure complete collecting for information. Make a plan for your day and make sure to implement it .

    wake up early, eat your breakfast, sit quietly and have a cup of coffee, this will be a great start to your day and you will be able to start studying hard.

    Start studying in a quiet, well-ventilated place and light it up properly to avoid distraction in the studying hours.

    Always take breaks between studying hours where you can listen to music, play sports or talk to friends.

    . Always eat your meals on time and do not neglect the sport as a healthy mind in a healthy body. It’s recommended to practice yoga as it helps to relax your body and clear your mind.

    Get enough sleep to rest your mind and recharge your energy for a new day. Never stay up to avoid fatigue and insomnia, as this can negatively affect the level of academic achievement.

    Keep away from any source of negative energy and always be positive and self-confident.

    The night of the exam, you should be calm, end your study, go to bed early to have enough sleep and be able to wake up actively.

    On the morning of exam day, eat your breakfast and directly go to your exam. On the way to exam, stay away from anything that may increase your anxiety. Keep calm as you can.

    During the writing exam, you must be calm, read the questions very carefully, retrieve your information and then start answering the question in order.

    During the oral exam, be confident of yourself and your information, listen to the question, create the correct answer in your mind and then answer it.

    The exam is only an integral part of the studying process, give it a high attention but do not allow it to affect your mental health. You are studying to become a doctor who can face emergencies, difficulties and crises, you have to believe that this exam may be one of the easiest difficulties you will face, so you must achieve your success through it.

    You must always prove that you can, just believe in yourself, face your difficulties, overcome them and here you can be proud of yourself.

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    short answer: HE CAN'T.

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