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How can dentists reduce their pain?!

Discussion in 'Dental Medicine' started by Sarah Hussien, Nov 30, 2019.

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    How can dentists reduce their pain?!

    If you are a dentist or a dental student, you may have experienced pain either related to neck, shoulders, lower back muscles or hand wrist which is called job related musculoskeletal disorder.

    Never mind you are not alone, it is known that dental professionals are at the highest risk of developing musculoskeletal problems due to the nature of their operating field.

    If you suffer from such a problem, you should determine to overcome it by following certain steps in order to keep your health and as a result your work quality will improve and you can prolong your work period.

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    Dentists' musculoskeletal pain is mainly due to:

    1- wrong posture during operation times for long period.

    2- job related stressors which may cause muscle spasm and tension resulting in severe persistent pain.

    So, Treatment steps for dentist's job related musculoskeletal pain depend on some exercises and modifications to posture.

    Exercises are a very important aiding solution to overcome your pain it may include :

    1- Deep, slow breathing exercises which make you feel better and relaxed inside out.

    2- Stretching exercises for all your body muscles before, between and after patient's appointment to renew your activity and energy.

    3- Yoga exercise can help you to relax all body muscles and reduce all internal stress.

    4- Exercises with body weight, especially those focus on arms and back muscles ,like plank exercise, these exercises will strengthen your muscles and decrease its capability to tension and strain upon simple stress.

    Also your body posture while working participates in overcoming pain of muscles, to improve your posture try to do that :

    1- keep your back upright as much as you can during operations.

    2- Never bend your back or your neck too much.

    3- Reduce your repetitive hand motion in order not to over exhaust muscles causing fatigue.

    4- Try to get a magnification aid like dental loupe or microscope, it will provide you with comfort you a lot and improve your work quality as well.

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    And eventually, I want to tell you to be careful about your health because it is a gift from God and it is almost the only thing which will remain with you till the end of your life.

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