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How Did I Increase My Chances To Match U.S. Residency Position?

Discussion in 'USMLE' started by Egyptian Doctor, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Matching a residency position in U.S. is a long journey, to match a residency you should focus on 2 main directions:
    1- To finish USMLE exams with good scores.
    2- To get US healthcare and research experience with good publications and letters of recommendation.

    Many students have successfully matched with average and below average USMLE scores, this is because they had a strong C.V, they had good experience in the U.S healthcare system, they had strong letters of recommendation and they participated in multiple researches.

    Both me and several followers have tried the new online research program at Yale: Ivy Research Link. Currently, they have a 100% match rate for their candidates, they offered us very good knowledge about scientific research through online programs, we had an online research project with a Yale physician/scientist as a supervisor, We successfully published our research within 2 months in addition to that we got a strong Letter of Recommendation form a Yale Doctor with strong connections for residency applications.

    The best part is that the whole program is done online! So we could do all of this from home without travelling to America.

    Remember, research experience is not a requirement for admission to residency training. However, proper research experience will most likely enhance your qualifications and put you in an competitive advantage or your applications.

    For Ivy Research Link, tuition fee is 2,500 USD and includes all program material, a very reasonable price for the services provided and also very competitive as you are not going to pay thousands of dollars for flights, accommodation...etc., I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to pursue residency program in the US. Here is their website to apply: and here is their Facebook page for more info:


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