How Do The Junior Doctors Deal With the Ego of a Senior Doctor?

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    The golden rule with regard to egoistical doctors is to stay away from such people in as much as it is in your power to do so.


    I understand that it is not always in our power since several times in your career as a doctor- as an Intern or a Resident or as a Fellow you are not totally in control of under whom you get to be under. I have suffered under some bosses and I may have some pointers- It may not be all be brilliant advice but that's how I've dealt with it.

    1. Be good at your job and maintain your integrity
    We should do our job the best way it can be done and everybody else play their part. Often times others don’t play their parts but that should never lower our ideals and integrity. Our moral compass should never be affected by the bad things other people do! If you keep your integrity(and whatever you stand for) despite all temptations and rewards to lose it, you have something to be proud of about your life!

    2. Never indulge in flattery and sycophancy to get the short term rewards
    Some people might even tell you there is no other way to be successful in today’s world other than to feed your boss's ego. That is the worst way to get ahead. If your boss has ego issues, he will never let you get ahead and you forever will be under his shadow. A real mentor believes that people under him can be much better than him and he actually makes it come true.

    3. Make friends
    Help your colleagues and develop friendships in your workplace- your fellow doctors, the nurse or even the security guard. Be nice to all people and treat them with respect. It is nice to turn up to work and have people actually be happy to see you even if you have a grumpy boss waiting to hammer you. Someone will look out for you in a way they can.

    4. Remember that "this too shall pass"
    Nothing in our life is permanent and things will get better if you have the courage to take the new opportunities that come along. I suffered but eventually I did get better opportunities and wonderful mentors.

    5. Make peace with the fact that some people are just evil
    They just are!!! A lot of egoistical doctors have a "god complex" and think whatever they say or do is gospel. If someone disagrees, they then go on to attack them-even personally sometimes. When I see such kind of people on Quora I realize that doctors are not the only people affected by this affliction. You don't have to agree with them. You can just move on and do your job, which is more important than arguing with an idiot!

    6. Don't ape the Ape!
    The biggest lesson you need to take from your egoistic senior is not to turn into him when you come to his position. If you repeat the same things your boss did then it turns into a vicious cycle. Try to become a boss that people would want to work with. Observe your egoistic boss and learn not to be like him.


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