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How Does A Female Doctor Reconcile Between Her Home And Her Work?

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Doaa samir, Sep 5, 2019.

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    Woman is a teacher, engineer, athlete, lawyer, doctor, mother, sister and daughter, women are always great. Women play many roles in society and are always the flame of innovation and professionalism in any work. One of the most important roles of woman is that she is completely responsible for her home, raising her children, meeting their needs and if she works, she becomes more responsible for doing her job perfectly. Hence, the woman finds herself fighting over more than one front and here she should prioritize in order to Succeed.

    The history of women's work as a doctor has gone through different stages. As in the past, women were not allowed to Practice the medical work, but with women proving their abilities and belief in the principle of equality, women began to gain their position and began to prove their efficiency and ingenuity in working as a doctor. And as a doctor, women are always exposed to hard work that consumes them time, energy and high effort. The role of women in medical work cannot be denied as the medical women are always diligent and successful, here it sheds light on how these female doctors catch up with the course of public life.

    How does a female doctor reconcile between her home and her work?
    • When we talk about reconcilement, we talk about time management in the first place. As when woman has her work as a doctor and her home, organizing her time becomes an indispensable necessity.
    • Believe that you as a mother, wife or doctor the responsibility completely lies on your shoulder so you should be aware of your multiple roles.
    • Prioritize, set goals and make plans to reach them. believe that medical work is one of the greatest professions and the effort required by the work is needed to relieve the pain of others.
    • You can use a reminder system or even get a notebook where you can organize your tasks and schedule so you can see your full day plan.
    • When you enter your home forget anything related to work, here comes your turn as a housewife. Play your role as a mother, have fun with your children, listen to them and their stories, ask them about the details of their school day, listen to their problems and give them solutions, give them an evening full of laughter and fun and give them special memories will remain with them forever.
    • Make your holiday fit with the holiday of your children and go out for walks and get a special time of play, fun, joy and happiness.
    • Take time for yourself so you can read your favorite book, play sports, watch TV, listen to music, have fun with friends or even sit quietly and enjoy a cup of coffee.

    Since the dawn of time, woman has been a key soldier in the battle of life, with many responsibilities on her shoulders, so she must be brave and fight to prove herself. There was never a conflict without a woman!

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