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How Much Earn A Doctor In Argentina

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sandra Pierina Lopez, Nov 1, 2019.

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    At the national level, a survey was recently conducted where a statistic of medical salaries received during the last six months of 2019 was compiled, and it was obtained that the Doctor's average salary is $ 77.643 (Argentine pesos) monthly.

    This can vary from $ 15.000 to $ 250.000, monthly pesos; depending on factors such as location, where it is exercised, specializations, experience, hours dedicated to medical practice.

    Average salary of a General Practitioner: $ 77.64

    Average salary of a Senior physician: $ 112.714

    Average salary of a Semi Senior doctor: $ 60.000

    Average salary of a Junior physician: $ 21.500

    Average salary of a Trainer doctor: $ 15.000

    57% of the sample indicated belonging to the female gender while 43% indicated belonging to the male gender.

    Recently prestigious entities such as Harvard University and the English BBC have developed rankings on current remuneration in health systems around the world. They published listings, of 25 and 50 countries respectively; in neither of these two appears Argentina. It is an unfair and worrying situation for doctors in Argentina, taking into account the responsibility and commitment involved in the exercise of this career, in addition to all the years of study and continuous preparation they must have, to maintain a competitive and quality level. It is very demotivating to know that they are among the worst paid doctors worldwide. This reality, makes many young people give up choosing this career as a profession, this in turn produces a deficit of doctors in the labor market of Argentina.

    The difference is very marked, between the salary that a doctor can receive in Argentina compared to the doctors who practice in first world countries. While in Argentina the average salary of a general practitioner is approximately $ 38.000 annually, general practitioners in developed countries charge an average of $ 117.000 annually (Holland), 118.000 (United Kingdom) and 161.000 (United States). Obviously if the doctor has any specialization will make your salary higher.

    In Argentina, as in most countries, doctors' salaries vary according to the specialty they have: In the top 5 of highest-paid specialties, it is headed by radiologists, followed by anesthesiologists, gastroenterologists, oncologists and surgery professionals (mainly plastic surgery). Among the worst paid are: pediatrics, psychiatry, neurology, gynecology and traumatology (usually there are more professionals with these specialties).

    Within the different provinces of Argentina there is also a difference in the salary of doctors compared to their Capital; being a little lower salary in the provinces than in the federal capital.

    Argentina compared to the countries of South America is below Brazil, Chile and Colombia and above Ecuador, Uruguay and Peru, with Venezuela being the worst paid in the region.

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