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How Music, Dance, Meditation And Care Can Help Patients To Heal Faster

Discussion in 'Doctors Cafe' started by Reham Zenhom, Sep 17, 2019.

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    In order to become a good doctor, you have to be more than just knowledgeable, diligent and smart, you have to do a lot more than just examining patients and writing a prescription. Being a good doctor is about listening, helping and bonding with your patients and their families. Without that bond your patients will look for another doctor who can treat them in a more humane and caring way. In this article we will explain some ways that can help physicians make stronger bonds with their patients in addition to helping them to heal faster.

    Music Can Heal:

    There is not much disagreement about music and how it makes us all happier and in a much better mood. When we listen to certain types of music like ( classical music, yoga tunes, running water and any kind of soothing, slow tunes) as loud or noisy music could enhance an opposite effect and elevate the level of stress, tension and anxiety.
    1-Listening to music triggers the brain to release neurochemical transmitters like dopamine and endorphins which have a healthy effect on both the brain and the body and make us feel more active and happier.

    2- As a doctor when listening to music beats with your patients and move your body together and synchronize in simple moves even small taps or nods, that could create a strong humane bond that every good doctor and patient are hoping for.

    3- Lower doses of opioid medication; music therapy has proven its effect through the years, it relieves pain, anxiety and tension during and after the medical procedure whether inside the O.R or at the recovery rooms. Some clinical trials found out that people who listened to music required lower doses of sedatives before and after the procedure.

    4- The left part of the brain is responsible for speech while the right part is responsible for singing. So people who suffer from loss of speech due to trauma, damage, injury, autism or atrophy at the left side could really sing their way out to express themselves. ( like the autistic kid on one of Simon Cowell’s talent shows, the kid had difficulty in speaking while he could charm the judges and the audience with his singing talent).

    5- Assist in reducing the pain sensation whether in short term pain or in chronic pain, it allows patients to take control over the pain, reduce the dose of painkillers and decrease the depression resulting from the continuous sense of pain.

    6- For cancer patients who receive chemotherapy, music could reduce the feeling of nausea and vomiting but it also decrease the anxiety accompanying both radiotherapy and chemotherapy as it creates a feeling of comfort.

    7- Most memories are connected to song lyrics, or certain pieces of music so doctors use that technique in treatment of dementia and trigger memories in Alzheimer's patients as they encourage them to listen to songs, especially from their early stages of life, that could help buried memories to appear at the surface.

    8- Learning music and how to play an instrument actually distract our feelings of pain and increase cognitive skills inside the brain so it protects against dementia and Alzheimer.

    9- Music can induce a good quality sleep which is essential for better and faster healing and better life in general, as sleep deprivation causes burning out especially to stressed patients.


    Dancing Affects The Body And The Mind:

    There was a video on social media which has spread wildly about a doctor who was dancing with his patient, she was a young girl suffers from cancer and was staying at the hospital during a holiday receiving her dose of chemo. That good and kind doctor really knew what he was doing and succeeded in cheering her up.

    1- In addition to elevation of physical well-being by strengthening muscles, improving balance and coordination, dancing increases brain cognitive skills, reduce depression and improve mental health.

    Encouraging your patients to take dancing class will not just improve their mood but also improve their social skills and they become more connected, they can easily make new friends and that social interaction along the way will improve both mood and mental health. A dancing class could provide help and make a difference in your patient’s life.

    2- Like music, dancing trigger the release of neurotransmitters that boost energy and responsible for mood elevation and feeling of happiness.

    3- Also patients suffer from certain brain or mental trauma resulted in loss of speech or facing difficulty in expressing themselves through words, they can use their body to express themselves and their emotions through dancing.

    4- patients who are diagnosed with depression showed faster and better improvement after taking a dance class, the movement of dancing reduce levels of depression, anxiety and stress.

    Meditation Heals The Body And The Brain:

    Meditation is mostly about ignoring all the interfering thoughts and focusing on the breath which allows the feeling of relaxation; the heart rate, blood pressure, tension, are reduced and give a sensation of soothing effect. Many trials and researches have been conducted on meditation to prove the following;

    1- Meditation improves brain functions; memory, perception, learning and enhance the release of GABA inside the brain which reduce anxiety so for that meditation has the highest calming effect on both body and brain.
    2- It improves the health of the heart as long term meditation can reduce the high blood pressure and with regular 15 minutes meditation per day, it could help treat hypertension.

    3- Helps in enhancing the immunity and increase natural body resistance to infection, empower the immune system.
    So advising your patients to meditate even on their own or take classes to assist them in focusing on the process of meditation, that will greatly improve both their physical and mental health subsequently they will heal much faster.

    Care Enough To Become A Better Doctor:

    Using all the tools you have, seeking help from others and do anything that might help your patients that will definitely help them to heal faster.

    1- Use the power of information technology to stay up to date with the latest releases in the world of medicine, you will never be too old, too big or too experienced to read or learn as there are new discoveries and new experiences each day.

    2- Cooperate with your team and never hesitate to consult other doctors with higher experience or bigger knowledge.

    3- You have to earn the patient’s trust and be worthy of it.

    4- Get yourself a good, healthy life and working atmosphere, otherwise take the meditation and dancing classes with your patients to shake your stress away.

    5- The most important and last thing is that you have to “care”.

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