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How To Encourage Your Loved Ones To Loss Weight

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Oct 14, 2012.

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    1. Focus on the Positive

    One way to help support your friends and family when they are trying to lose weight is to compliment them when you see a positive change. If they have lost a few pounds and you notice it, comment on it. Say it with a smile. Dieting can be a stressful activity for some people. Sometimes the scale may not reveal a difference, but less bloating or more muscular toning can change the appearance of a body. So help your friends and relatives by telling them when what they’re doing is working.

    Focusing on the positive also means speaking out less when your loved ones go off their diets. The dieter is probably already feeling badly when this happens. It is better not to make her feel guilty about it. If she says that she’s mad at herself for cheating on her diet, just remind her that tomorrow is another day.

    2. Be a Workout Buddy

    Exercise is a significant component of a successful weight loss program. Some dieters do not exercise because they find it boring or too challenging. A good way to support your friend or loved one is to be their workout buddy. Find an activity that you both enjoy and commit to doing it regularly. Whether you are exercising to a video in your living room, going on a walk daily after work or agreeing to meet at the gym every evening, exercising with your loved one is an effective way to show your support.

    3. Offer a Listening Ear

    One of the challenges that dieters are faced with is emotional eating. Many people eat because they are lonely, sad, angry or stressed. Offering weight loss support to your loved one may just mean that when he or she is in a bad mood, you are there to listen. Some people just need to talk things out. They may ask for advice or they may not. The key is to listen carefully and offer emotional support. Sometimes it also means suggesting activities you can do together that do not involve eating.

    4. Be a Good Example

    It can be very difficult for someone who is trying to lose weight to be surrounded by food that he or she is not supposed to eat. One way to offer weight loss support is to avoid eating forbidden foods around your loved one. This may mean that you do not stock your kitchen with these foods if you live together. Or it may mean that you just do not eat these foods while dining with your loved one.

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