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How to Help Someone Who Has Swallowed Gasoline

Discussion in 'Emergency Medicine' started by waleed, Dec 22, 2011.

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    N.B:Occasionally people end up swallowing gasoline, usually by trying to siphon it out of a car. Here are some practical steps to helping you deal with this quite unpleasant occurrence.

    Stand by the person as they catch their breath and reassure them that they will be ok. Remind them that many people before have swallowed small amounts of gasoline, who were OK within a couple days.

    Once the person has calmed down, make them drink a large glass of milk.

    Do not allow the person to drink carbonated beverages, as they will be inclined to do.

    Gasoline in the stomach gives people gas and makes them want to burp, making them want to drink soft drinks to help with this. However, this is the wrong course of action in this case.

    Call Poison Control and explain the situation. They will help you assess how much gasoline was ingested and give you solid advice about what you need to do.

    The person will burp for the next several hours and may feel nauseous and sick due to the fumes coming from their mouth. Remind them that they will be ok the next day and not to worry.

    Make the person drink plenty of water, but not all at once, rather slowly over the next few hours

    Next time, warn your friend of the potential effects of trying to siphon gasoline.


    - Do not let the person drink carbonated drinks.

    - Do not make them throw up, as this carries a large risk of getting gasoline into the lungs, which is very serious.

    - Do not drink gasoline on purpose - it can easily result in serious internal injuries and death.

    - Do not under any circumstances let the person go near any flame until the gasoline is completely out of their system.


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    Hello Waleed, I was already read that post on I think you copied that post from

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