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How To Lose Arm Fat

Discussion in 'Dietetics' started by Egyptian Doctor, Aug 30, 2012.

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    Arm fat, its what makes us wear sweaters over tank tops and t-shirts when we should be going shirtless. Learning how to lose arm fat can help you develop more confidence—and stay cool”“when the temperature rises.

    Although spot reduction as a general technique doesn’t work, there are arm exercises you can do to lose arm fat successfully. Keep reading to find out which exercises can help you begin to lose arm fat.


    If your goal is to learn how to lose arm fat you’ll need the proper equipment to help you get the job done. You can choose bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, resistance bands or a weight & bench kit. Whatever exercise equipment you choose to lose arm fat, just make sure you have what you need before you begin.

    Bicep Curls

    Bicep curls are a great way to lose arm fat by burning fat and building the muscles underneath the fat. This is a crucial part of learning how to lose arm fat; you can’t just reduce calories b/c you’ll still have flabby, but smaller arms. For toned arms that you feel good about showing off you need strength training exercises like bicep curls to build lean muscles while you burn away the excess fat.

    Choose which type of exercise equipment you’ll use to perform these bicep curls to lose arm fat. For maximum effectiveness you need to perform these exercises properly as well as to avoid injury.

    Push Ups

    Push ups have always been one of the go to exercises for those who want to know how to lose arm fat. Push ups are one of the easiest exercises to perform and what’s best, you can do them anywhere you have the time and space to finish a set or 2.

    You can choose to do them on your knees or on your toes, as well as a wide variety of push up variations to target specific muscle groups to lose arm fat. Place your arms closer to your body or farther out to lose arm fat in a specific area. If you’re really serious about learning how to lose arm fat, drop down and do a set of push ups whenever you have time. In the office, on lunch or while you’re catching up on the news, a set here and there can help you lose arm fat and transform arm muscles.

    Triceps Dips

    You can’t talk about how to lose arm fat without talking about triceps. For men and women alike flabby triceps can be a huge source of pain, embarrassment and self-consciousness. The good news is that triceps dips can help you lose arm fat in your triceps and transform them into killer muscles you can be proud of.

    All you’ll need is access to a bench or sturdy chair and you can get busy ridding your arms of that annoying fat. Triceps dips provide another convenient way that you can lose arm fat whenever you have a few free minutes. Add triceps dips to your regular exercise regimen so that you can begin to lose arm fat all over your arms, not just your biceps.

    Reverse Curls

    Reverse curls are a good exercise if your goal is to lose arm fat in your forearms. Although for most of us this is the last part of the arm we have to worry about, it is important get a thorough arm workout for sleek arms that look like they belong to the same person!

    To perform reverse curls you will need a barbell with weight, enough to provide a challenging workout but not so much that you can’t complete a third set. Hold the bar at your waist in an overhand grip with your feet about shoulder-width apart; this is your starting position. Then you simply perform your basic curl exercise, flexing your muscles to lift the bar to shoulder level and return to starting position.

    In order to lose arm fat performing reverse curls you will need to rely on your forearm muscles to lift the barbell. Do not swing your arms wildly.

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    Really amazing information shared by you regarding arm fat loss.
    It will surely gonna help me and all the beginners to do the following workouts in a proper way to lose arm fats quickly.

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    thnkx for sharing ur valuabe post :)
    what should one do to loose belly weight quickly or within months..
    how can we maintain it ?

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