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How To Pass MRCP Part 1 Exam

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Thanks to Almighty ALLAH. Really humbled that I passed my exam in first go with the score of 836.
    Appreciate the overwhelming response from my friends, colleagues and family. Congratulations

    To all those who passed and to those who could not make it through this time, remember it is said that people learn more from failures than from their success. Failures are a blessing in disguise. They make us aware of our shortcomings and open up channels of mental power more than any friend on earth can do. So cheer up and believe in yourself that u will make it through the next time In Sha Allah.

    MRCP 1 experience:

    •Total preparation time 2 months and 2 weeks. A lot of friends suggested not to take risk, but u r the real judge of your capabilities. If u think u can make it only then go for the exam. This exam is HARD.

    •Studied 8-10 hours daily. More when exam was near.

    •Started Pass-medicine (~3700 Qs) and Pas-test (~5600 Qs) simultaneously. Used to do 60-75 Q’s from pass medicine and then 80-100 Q’s from Pas-test daily. Both Question banks online and non timed. First read score of Pass-medicine was around 80% and Pas-test was around 81%.
    2nd read of Pass-medicine was around 92% (only did 80% of Q’s bank due to time shortage). Pass-test I did only once.

    •Also was reading from “only notes you will ever need” when doing Q’s. Hardcopy. Use to read it superficially as it is a copy paste of pass-medicine. Need to keep updating the text as it is outdated (even if it says 5th edition). Just read it once. Did not have time to revise.

    •Past papers: Started few days before the exam with pas-test past papers. Use to do 2 past papers (100 Q each) in a day to make it 200. Started from Jan 2020 to 2016 (around 12 papers). Combine score was 83%.

    •3-4 days before the exam did a sample test from official website. Scored 156/200 (78%). Do this at least a week before the exam. I could not do this because I had to travel to dubai for the exam (was not able to get a seat in pakistan).

    In my opinion this exam tests all your knowledge starting from the med school. Concepts are from pass-medicine and Q’s are more similar to Pas-test. So better to do both. Please don’t take this exam lightly and try to do as much questions as u can. In my case I did around ~ 10,000 Q’s. And try to build your own concepts because at the end in the exam (as time is the enemy) its mostly about the concepts that take you past the line.

    I hope this was useful please feel free to ask any questions. Good luck for your future endeavours.

    By Mohammad Ali Raza on Facebook

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