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How to prepare for MRCP Part 1 - Real Experience

Discussion in 'PLAB' started by Egyptian Doctor, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Am writing this to share my experience of MRCP part 1 preparation.

    I started to study after registering for MRCP Exam that means almost 2.5 months which is limited time to prepare completely for the exam and was overburdened with study materials and was not able to prepare to my satisfaction and was very tense and doubtful before and even after my MRCP part 1 exam, so I will not recommend any one to prepare in such a short time period, one should at least spend 4 to 6 months preparing.

    Regarding material I used, I was able to complete almost 60-70% pass medicine and did some 6 or 7 past papers from pass test in which I was scoring between 60-65% and some questions from On examination.

    Regarding Notes I tried all only notes, al magriby and notes and notes but all are not up to date and I find it difficult to update them so I stuck to pass medicine explanations for concept building.

    Finally I solved sample questions from MRCP official site some 4-5 days before exam and scored almost 125/200. A day before exam I revised some of my notes which I made while solving past papers from past test and that is all about my preparation.

    Once again thanks for all good wishes and congratulation messages.

    By Fatima Merchant on Facebook

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