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How to prepare for MRCP part 2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr. Suman Roy, Feb 9, 2022.

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    The MRCP Part 2 examination is the 2nd of the two examinations that will bring you closer to the coveted and most prestigious postgraduate diploma – Member of the Royal College of Physicians. As you are undertaking mrcp part 2 preparation, it can be assumed that you have passed the Part 1 examination already. The final one is the MRCP PACES. To clear the Part 2 examination advanced level knowledge on medical sciences and clinical practises are necessary. This examination is literally challenging. Your hard work, good planning, consistency, and strategic preparation will speak for you.

    MRCP Part 2 exam pattern

    You can expect a higher difficulty level and more challenging questions in the Part 2 examination. If you have already registered with Farz Academy for the MRCP part 2 course, you probably know the question patterns. They prepare the examinees with all possible patterns of questions to keep them prepared for anything.

    • There would be two papers three hours each

    • Each paper contains hundred multiple choice questions (MCQs)

    • Each question possesses one point

    • No negative marking for wrong answers

    The examinees are judged on their medical knowledge, clinical behavior, and decision-making skill. This means simple academic knowledge wouldn’t work. Your real-world knowledge will also be tested from various angles. That is why you need the guidance of good mentors.

    Strategy to crack MRCP Part 2 exam

    Add a resilient strategy with your hard work to pass the examination with flying colors:

    Familiarise with the curriculum

    You have to know the complete curriculum while you prepare for the examination. Knowledge of the curriculum helps to prioritize the subjects according to your knowledge and their weighting. Faculty members of Farz academy help the examinees with the detailed analysis of question patterns.

    Time management is important

    To be prepared for the examination, you must manage your time amidst a hectic daily schedule. Sitting for revision or study in the evening or midnight doesn’t work. Keep time for focused study, solving questions, and appearing for mock tests. Put some hours aside for exercise and relaxation as well. Sound sleep at night is also important.

    Make the unproductive times really productive

    Go through the video sessions or the question-answer sheets when you are travelling, having breaks, or doing your breakfast. If you have access to practice questions on your smartphone, you can turn a night shift or boring long-distance commute into a productive session.

    Practice image base questions

    In the Part 2 examination, more emphasis is given to image-based questions. There would be CT scans, X-rays, ECGs, and many more. Practice image-based questions in sufficient numbers.

    Practice as much as possible

    Attempt all those practice papers and mock tests Farz Academy provides in MRCP Part 2 course. Time-bound practice will make you confident. Remember, your target should be answering all the questions. This is a challenge for every examinee.

    In your mrcp part 2 preparation, Farz Academy can contribute significantly. With thousands of questions with answers, question banks, videos, live sessions with UK-based faculties, and mock tests, your confidence level will be high.

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