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How To Survive And Maintain A Relationship With A Doctor?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sandra Pierina Lopez, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Doctors are human beings like any other person who works in another profession, however, the exercise of medical practice predisposes them to lead a different way of life, because of this, it is too hard to most of people to have a long relationship with a doctor, in fact, can mean a real challenge.

    1. Understand your career and vocation:

    The practice of medicine requires many hours away from home, with long hours of work, in guards or operating rooms, therefore it is very important do not reproach your partner if he cannot devote you a greater amount of time like the rest of the couples. The people who dedicate their life to medicine vocation must warn their couples about these issues and get along avoiding unnecessary breakups.

    It also should understand that the doctor uses his cell phone very frequently, he must keep in touch with his patients, with other colleagues and with the health centers where he is on call, so do not worry when you take care of him. There a lot of partners to get jealous about this, it is a really waste of time and energy.

    2. When you meet, avoid talking about issues related to medicine, their patients or another work issue.

    Like other people, the doctors also need to disconnect, and take a break in his spare time without thinking about work. It is better to find activities and conversations that both enjoy in common outside the workplace.

    However, sometimes the doctors it may happen to want or need to inform you about any eventuality that occurs with a patient or at work, as a way to relieve stress and emotional load experienced, it is important to know how to listen carefully and understand them.

    3. In many occasions, you will not be able to communicate with your partner. There a lot of probability that you cannot respond to messages or calls to your partner, either because you are in a surgical procedure, in consultation or on call. We must keep in mind that doctors have a strong work routine.

    4. Plan outings to eat and meetings to prepare healthy foods:

    The doctors because of the busy routine usually neglect their healthy habits, skip meals, do not eat on time or spend long hours of work without feeding. Believe me, your partner will thank you if in their spare time they go out to eat or if in their guards you bring them rich and healthy food.

    5. Go out with your partner and make pleasant activities:

    Take the moments they have to share as a couple, disconnect you, try to enjoy it to the fullest and be happy.

    6. Enjoy by Yourself:

    To be couple of a doctor, you have to know how to enjoy loneliness and understand that your couple will not be able to be with you in many outings, parties, trips, and special dates, because they will be fulfilling their professional duties, guards, congresses u operations. In this case, you have to will to leave the dependence of the couple and just enjoy by yourself.

    7. Be attentive to the moments and situations of stress of your partner:

    The doctors are people who can feel much more exhausted than other professionals because they have a busy schedule and his profession is linked to other people's health problems. At that moment is where you have to learn to identify that mood swings and concerns they may be feeling. The best option is to listen on it, allow it to let off steam, and ask what you can do to help it get better.

    It is always advisable to listen to what the person has to say, be the comfort of their emotions and feelings and then provide the advice you think necessary.

    8. Many times you will not be the priority and you have to understand it, in many cases patients and emergencies or difficulties that these may have first than you and the relationship, and this is going to be due to the fact that the health and well-being of those people depend on the attention of your partner.

    9. Being a doctor's partner not only has disadvantages:

    It also has many advantages and you should concentrate on them; doctors are usually people with a big humanitarian feeling, compressive and passionate about everything they do and those around them, the best strategy is to remember everything that you fell in love and attracted to that person, in addition to being proud of his work.

    To be a couple of doctors, you must have a lot of patience, compression and emotional intelligence, if you did not, you can end up with a big feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration, so you and your couple will not be able to behave like most, no matter how good are your Intentions and love each other.


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